Upload videos automatically to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and 25 other portals

showimage Upload videos automatically to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and 25 other portals
Upload videos automatically to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and 25 other portals

VideoCounter.com extends its video uploader by 8 new platforms for commercial films and video press releases

Available as of now – with the newest version of its video uploader VideoCounter.com ( http://www.videocounter.com/pages/en/start.php ), the European market leader for video distribution to public video portals, now offers the possibility of publishing videos – as hitherto with video portals – also to social media platforms, blogging services, social bookmark portals and to the customer’s own corporate homepages automatically and with a single mouse click. The coverage of company moving-image communication is multiplied through the broad-based distribution of commercial films and the work involved at the same time reduced through VideoCounter.com. This has been possible, among other things, through the further expansion of the directly supported portals from 17 to 25 (compare list of supported portals http://www.videocounter.com/pages/en/supported-portals.php ) as well as the launch of VideoCounter.com’s own video portal.

VideoCounter.com moreover generates cross-portal success statistics which show those responsible for marketing through their VideoCounter.com account just what degree of success has been achieved on the individual portals or by particular films.

New to these are, among others, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and the social bookmarking service Mister Wong – popular in the German speaking region. In its new version, VideoCounter.com thus now supports more than 25 country-specific and global platforms via one direct upload and posting function with circulation of the videos in so-called content partner networks.

Video.Aol.com, Bing.com/videos, Blinkx.com, Blip.tv, Dailymotion.com, Del.icio.us, Facebook.com, Video.Google.com, Linkedin.com, Metacafe.com, Myspace.com, Stumbleupon.com, Truveo.com, Tumblr.com, Twitter.com, Portal.VideoCounter.com, YouTube.com, corporate websites


Businessworld.de, Clipfish.de, Favoriten.de, Video.Gmx.de, Kewego.de, Mister-Wong.de, MyVideo.de, OneView.de, Sevenload.com, Video.Web.de

Voila.fr, Wideo.fr, Ma-Tvideo.France3.fr

Video.Tiscali.it, Video.Virgilio.it

123Video.nl, Zie.nl

Dalealplay.com, Orange.es


Veoh.com, Vimeo.com

Also new is VideoCounter.com’s own search engine optimised video portal („VCPortal“ from VideoCounter.com Portal). This moreover provides businesses with simple and ad-free publication of commercial films on the respective company homepage via a video player inclusive of video hosting. VideoCounter.com users who upload their videos to the VCPortal receive additional statistical video player analyses. In addition to the number of video hits, these also illustrate the transmission time as well the origins of the hits.

„With the new Version 3.0 of VideoCounter.com, the supporting of further social media platforms and business networks, we have taken a considerable step closer to our goal of creating a universal tool for video marketing“, explains Dr. Robert Biermann, chairman of VideoCounter.com operator Webeffekt AG.

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About VideoCounter.com/Webeffekt AG

VideoCounter.com ( http://www.VideoCounter.com ) is an online application, which automatically distributes video files to various video-sharing communities and social networking sites and compiles statistics. This frees the user up from the time-consuming process of uploading and increases the chances of more online contact, due to its increased coverage. VideoCounter.com is operated by Webeffekt AG, Dinslaken, Germany. Webeffekt AG was founded in 1997 and specialises in international online marketing and applications development, including SEO, SEM, VSEO and many more, with corresponding success measurement.

Webeffekt AG
Dr. Robert Biermann
Magnusstrasse 18
46535 Dinslaken, Germany