Software Development, Project Competence and Worldwide Services – Pentalog Becomes Microsoft Gold Partner

showimage Software Development, Project Competence and Worldwide Services - Pentalog Becomes Microsoft Gold Partner
The Pentalog Group is Europe’s leading IT-nearshorer and IT-offshorer

Cloud computing solutions are gaining importance for global business

Eschborn. A gold medal represents the pinnacle of an athlete“s career. The Microsoft Gold Partnership for IT companies is of comparable significance. It denotes a high level of technical competency, strategic thinking and practical skills. The Pentalog group, an enterprise that specializes in IT outsourcing, offshoring and nearshoring, has now joined the ranks of these top players. „We are very proud of this partnership“, says Mircea Popa, Chief Executive Manager of Pentalog Deutschland GmbH, „as it proves that we are one of the leading providers of software development in Europe. The premium support by Microsoft associated with this award will enable us to offer our customers even more quality and reliability, particularly in the field of interfaces to the classical office products.

Membership in the Gold Partner Program offers a company both a better image and superior knowledge. Microsoft Gold partners at the top of their game with regard to tool access and the necessary support from the Microsoft company. They have received intensive training and are informed of changes, updates and product innovations earlier than others. This advantage in knowhow can in turn be passed on to the client. „There is an increasing demand for software solutions in the areas of cloud computing and globally linked IT processes“, Popa explains. In this field, Microsoft“s products SharePoint and the Exchange Server offer significant benefits which are becoming extremely significant to companies. Integration between native software solutions and Microsoft products is also becoming tighter.

The exchange between the Pentalog group as a new Gold Partner is particularly valuable with regard to SharePoint. This relatively new product from Microsoft is partly internet-based and partly based on the individual computers of users. Respective interfaces to the Cloud business allow the sharing of data with single units, different compartments as well as entire companies. This way, SharePoint can be used to coordinate appointments, edit documents or develop shared strategies. SharePoint allows users to share almost every Microsoft business application with others – no matter where the involved parties are currently located.

„SharePoint is not as user-friendly a program as Windows, however“, states Popa, Pentalog“s CEO and Rumania born IT expert. SharePoint must be adapted to the individual requirements of a company by experts to achieve optimal success and ultimate process security. „SharePoint developers are currently in high demand“, acknowledges Popa. „In Bucharest, we are developing a SharePoint Competence Center to meet this enormous demand.“ As the economy becomes increasingly global, this increases the demand for technologies that allow us to jointly work on projects from a shared physical presence in one location. This situation requires cost-efficient yet high quality solutions with appropriate interfaces.

The French Pentalog group currently employs more than 600 employees – mostly software developers and engineers – in France, Rumania, Moldova, and Vietnam. These employees develop individual software solutions for companies of all sizes. Outstanding IT skills in these countries and the constantly growing demand for custom-made software that is also compatible with current Microsoft products makes our Gold Partnership a strategically valuable element“, says Popa. On this basis, Pentalog will continue to enhance its position in the field of qualified IT outsourcing, IT offshoring and IT nearshoring.

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Pentalog Deutschland GmbH is located in Eschborn, Germany, and is the German branch office of the international Pentalog group, one of the leading suppliers of high-end offshore software development solutions in Europe. With branch offices in France, Germany, Rumania, Moldova, and Vietnam, the Pentalog group offers an ideal mix of nearshore and offshore services by employing local workforce in Western Europe. A smooth quality assurance system, professional project management and many years of outsourcing experience guarantee the highest possible efficiency and reliability for outsourced software development.

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