Pentalog: Technology and engineering companies face an increasing lack of qualified trainees

showimage Pentalog: Technology and engineering companies face an increasing lack of qualified trainees
The Pentalog Group is Europe’s leading IT-nearshorer and IT-offshorer

Outsourcing and nearshoring can solve the challenges of the future

Eschborn. Skills shortages and demographic change are not only focus topics in the media, but also an increasing issue at executive level. Technology and IT engineering companies in particular will soon have to face the serious consequences of a lack of qualified trainees. Whilst the number of graduates for business administration, law, humanities and arts remains constant or is even slightly increasing, the number of graduates in the field of engineering sciences and IT is dwindling. For a technology nation like Germany, this poses a problem that can only be solved at a global level.

„As far as IT projects are concerned, the German market will have to rely increasingly on experts from abroad“, says Mircea Popa, Chief Executive Manager of Pentalog Deutschland GmbH. His company offers outsourcing, offshoring and nearshoring solutions for medium- and large- scale IT projects. The Pentalog group encompasses the target countries Rumania, Moldova, Vietnam, and other EU member and non-member states. Rumania, says Popa, has the highest unemployment rate in relation to its population. Other, and particularly post-communist, states have a strong focus on the technology sector. These countries still have many qualified engineers and IT specialists. Nearshoring and offshoring is a cost-efficient and effective solution to the skills shortage in Germany, states Popa, who was born in Rumania.

Rumania in particular has established itself as a location for nearshoring. As a EU member state, it provides a clearly defined legal framework and a high level of quality in vocational training. Many engineers are used to working on complex projects in accordance with high Western European standards. The price-performance ratio is attractive even for small IT projects.

As a result, nearshoring and offshoring has proven to be even more effective than international staff recruitment, explains Pentalog“s CEO. Intercultural issues, language barriers and personal aspects in connection with working abroad are significantly lower. And with project managers who can speak both German and the language of the target market and also meet the necessary IT engineering requirements, these issues have been virtually eliminated. Consequently, says Popa, Pentalog offers just this kind of project manager for every client.

IT outsourcing is becoming increasingly important. The demand is bound to rise; the reason for this being that German companies will more quickly and more often be confronted with a lack of skilled staff.

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Die Pentalog Deutschland GmbH mit Sitz in Eschborn ist die deutsche Niederlassung der internationalen Pentalog Gruppe, einer der führenden Anbieter für hochwertige Offshore-Software-Entwicklung in Europa. Mit ihren Niederlassungen in Frankreich, Deutschland, Rumänien, Moldawien und Vietnam bietet die Pentalog Gruppe den idealen Mix zwischen Nearshore- und Offshore-Leistungen in Verbindung mit dem Einsatz lokaler Kräfte in Westeuropa an. Ein gut funktionierendes Qualitätssicherungssystem, professionelles Projektmanagement sowie langjährige Erfahrung im Outsourcing sind Garanten für größtmögliche Effizienz und Verlässlichkeit bei der ausgelagerten Software-Entwicklung.

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