Pentalog Group: Employee Stock Scheme Increases Quality

showimage Pentalog Group: Employee Stock Scheme Increases Quality
The Pentalog Group is Europe’s leading IT-nearshorer and IT-offshorer

56% of the Pentalog“s own capital belongs to its employees

Eschborn. The Pentalog group relies on modern compensation systems and a comprehensive stock scheme for employees. In doing so, the group aims to both increase the motivation and consequently the sales volume and also to provide superior project quality. Employees who identify with their company guarantee sustainable business development and a high level of responsibility and loyalty. About 56% of the company“s own capital belongs to its employees.

„We combine the benefits of an international group structure with the sense of responsibility and duty of an owner-managed middle-sized enterprise“, says Mircea Popa, Chief Executive Manager of Pentalog Deutschland GmbH. The company“s stocks do not only belong to the management, but also to its junior managers and many software engineers. Popa further illustrates that almost every person in the group could rightfully claim to own a part of the Pentalog group and its success.

However, the main beneficiaries of this stockholder policy are the customers and their contacts. Trust, reliability, transparency and, above all, quality awareness are of particular importance for international and sensitive IT projects. „Many other companies of our size do not have individual contact persons. It is impossible to find out who is responsible and contact someone“, Popa compares. Pentalog wants to avoid this at all cost. The constant growth of the Pentalog group in the domestic and overseas areas must not involve these negative aspects. Each IT project has its own project manager who can speak both the language of the client and the target market. Every client receives an individual service and consultation. Pentalog does not offer „off the peg“ projects.

The French Pentalog group employs more than 600 employees in France, Rumania, Moldova, Vietnam, and other countries. The group is called upon whenever cost-efficient outsourcing of IT projects is required. Pentalog is one of Europe“s leading IT nearshore and offshore providers. „It is exactly this level of complexity that calls for innovative solutions“, explains Popa who represents the group“s German branch office in Eschborn. He says that he is proud that the company’s management does not solely focus on its products and selling them, but also advocates employee stock schemes, social responsibility and quality.

The group already has a high level of social responsibility, states Popa. „We want to encourage our employees to actively participate in a positive globalization by working in a multinational, innovative and economically interactive environment“ is a quotation from the internal regulations of the Pentalog group. In concluding, Popa declares that this also involves the creation and maintenance of sustainable economic growth and the assurance of fair working conditions in the mostly post-communist target countries who host Pentalog“s production, development and engineering activities. In the area of international IT outsourcing, the key focus is not on cheap production but on providing cost-efficient and high-quality solutions.

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Pentalog Deutschland GmbH is located in Eschborn, Germany, and is the German branch office of the international Pentalog group, one of the leading suppliers of high-end offshore software development solutions in Europe. With branch offices in France, Germany, Rumania, Moldova, and Vietnam, the Pentalog group offers an ideal mix of nearshore and offshore services by employing local workforce in Western Europe. A smooth quality assurance system, professional project management and many years of outsourcing experience guarantee the highest possible efficiency and reliability for outsourced software development.

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