chemmedia AG optimises online offerings of Springer Medizin

showimage chemmedia AG optimises online offerings of Springer Medizin

In future, 326,000 physicians can use a central e-learning platform for continuing education

Chemnitz, 29th May 2012 – There are around 326,000 physicians practising medicine in Germany; most of them are subject to continuing-education requirements: over a five-year period, they must accumulate 250 CME (Continuing Medical Education) points in a variety of categories. Given the heavy workload in the field of medicine, attending training programmes in person is nearly impossible. This is why many physicians work independently to prepare themselves to earn these points, for instance by reading articles in medical periodicals and then completing online questionnaires about what they have read. Springer Medical Publishing Group [‚Fachverlagsgruppe Springer Medizin‘] offers numerous CME training units – all on a variety of online platforms up until now. To standardise its offerings while vastly expanding them at the same time, chemmedia AG has merged two platforms, and, with nearly 2 million completed training programmes, in a single, centralised learning platform, adding 1,500 e-learning courses in the process.

Platforms were merged
Using learning management system technology by market leader Saba and the KnowledgeWorker learning content management system by chemmedia AG, interactive multimedia content can be optimally created, adapted, managed and distributed. ‚This easy-to-operate learning interface brings quick results, even for people with little experience dealing with online learning modules, such as physicians in stress over continuing education requirements. Medical writers at Springer Medizin find lots of ways to expand and individualise their offerings quickly and efficiently for their target groups,‘ explains chemmedia CEO Lars Fassmann.

Scalable solution for extended use scenarios
The chemmedia AG solution was developed with continued expansion and flexible interface and customisation capabilities in mind. The scalable, Cloud-based solution can also integrate existing software systems and databases, and third-party providers‘ products as well. In future, this will also open up flexible support for new and expanded use scenarios. ‚Springer Medizin already offers a broad spectrum of specialist articles and learning media on topics relevant to continuing education – to date as pdf files and online questionnaires, with management and archiving functions. Now that the infrastructure has been updated, this will mean even more widespread use of our online offerings. Springer Medizin is also strengthening its brand through dovetailing of contents (related content). And finally, in this way we can strengthen our position as a partner to the German Medical Association [‚Bundesärztekammer‘] and professional associations‘, underscores Matthias Wissel, Managing Director New Media & IT at Springer Medizin.

‚One of the benefits of the new solution: because it can import the entire historic data, it can replace all of the legacy systems – so in addition to the desired added value, we have also fulfilled the complex core requirements‘, Fassmann adds. The substantive and formal further development of continuing education offerings at Springer Medizin takes place using the chemmedia KnowledgeWorker, which also permits integration of new learning formats. This way, authors can produce new course content using a single, central tool. ‚All of our products provide web services; this enables our customers to create a complex networking of the new system with existing processes and infrastructure – and that saves time and money‘, adds Thomas Weigel, overall project manager at chemmedia. The solution was presented at the 1st KnowledgeWorker Days, held 9th May 2012, in Chemnitz.

About chemmedia AG
chemmedia AG improves its customers‘ value creation by successfully organising knowledge processes and providing knowledge resources. The portfolio encompasses creation of customer-specific e-learning courses, authors‘ tools such as the KnowledgeWorker used by numerous customers, learning-management systems that manage online and attendance training programmes, as well as portal systems and search solutions. The owner-managed company is based in Chemnitz and has a team of 50 employees with international project experience. Its long-standing customers include Pfizer, METRO, Daimler, Novartis, Bayer and Epson, among others. Customers in Switzerland are served by chemmedia schweiz GmbH.

About Springer Medizin
Springer Science+Business Media is a leading global scientific publisher, providing researchers in academia, scientific institutions and corporate R&D departments with quality content via innovative information products and services. Springer is also a trusted local-language publisher in Europe – especially in Germany and the Netherlands – primarily for physicians and professionals working in the automotive, transport and healthcare sectors. Roughly 2,000 journals and more than 7,000 new books are published by Springer each year, and the group is home to the world“s largest STM eBook collection, as well as the most comprehensive portfolio of open access journals. Springer employs nearly 6,000 individuals across the globe and in 2011 generated sales of approximately EUR 890 million.

Die chemmedia AG verbessert die Wertschöpfung ihrer Kunden durch die erfolgreiche Organisation von Wissensprozessen und die Bereitstellung von Wissensressourcen. Das Portfolio umfasst die Erstellung kundenspezifischer E-Learning-Kurse, Autorentools wie den von zahlreichen Kunden eingesetzten KnowledgeWorker, Lernmanagementsysteme zur Verwaltung von Online- und Präsenztrainings sowie Portalsysteme und Suchlösungen. Das inhabergeführte Unternehmen ist in Chemnitz ansässig und verfügt über ein Team von mehr als 50 Mitarbeitern mit internationaler Erfahrung. Zu den langjährigen Kunden gehören unter anderem Pfizer, METRO, Daimler, Novartis, SAP und Epson. Kunden in der Schweiz betreut die chemmedia schweiz GmbH.

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