Siempelkamp: New order from Russia on a 20,000-t precision closed-die forging press

showimage Siempelkamp: New order from Russia on a 20,000-t precision closed-die forging press
Concept of the new precision closed-die forging press for Electrostal

New forming press helps to open a market for a Russian manufacturer.

The Russian OAO Electrostal placed an order on a closed-die forging press of 20,000 t of pressing force with Siempelkamp enabling the manufacture of nickel-based super alloys. The new press is the first one of this size with an integrated die heating system. Thus also for materials that are difficult to forge as e.g. Inconel high precision can be achieved.

Electrostal will improve the real net output ratio of their own production and realise more and more finished products of high-alloy steels in the future. Owing to the press that will be probably commissioned at the beginning of 2013 the company from the town of Electrostal located near Moscow will open new markets.

By means of the press Electrostal will manufacture – among others – high-temperature forgings with dimensions of up to 1,200 mm of length and 800 mm of width at a weight of max. 800 kg that are subject to increased thermal loads as for instance in aircraft turbines or power plants. Since for these forgings narrow tolerances have to be kept, Siempelkamp attached great importance to precision as to design of the guiding elements.

Since for forging of super alloys as Inconel special conditions have to be kept the customer requested from Siempelkamp to equip the press with an integrated die heating system. Due to this system the dies are heated to a temperature of max. 800 °C. In addition to that the forming speed can be specifically adapted to the process. As a result thereof near-net-shape parts and maximum reproducibility of the product quality are achieved.

This order is a particular challenge as to the practical constraint that the total height of the press may not exceed 9 m above shop floor due to an existing crane runway. Hence Siempelkamp will realise the press in below-floor design. The moving crosshead is connected with four annular pistons respectively (Ø 1.600 mm/P max. 350 bar) by means of four columns. The pistons are positioned according to the cylinders arranged in the lower crosshead. The four columns as pre-stressed tie-rods serve the purpose of force transmission. The self-acting hydraulic adjustment of the press guide is disengaged from the elements of force transmission thus avoiding reciprocal influence of force transmitting and guiding components.

With this press supply Siempelkamp again offers an all-in-one solution for forging of complex component parts including hydraulics and electrics, die heating system, loading and spraying robot and forging manipulator. Transportation and assembly of the press are also serviced by means of the competent departments of Siempelkamp.

The press was designed in Krefeld. Due to state-of-the-art simulation software it is ensured by Siempelkamp that the press does not only achieve the required precision but also all components are reliably designed as to fatigue-critical structures to protect them from failure for the whole operating period of the press.

The main component parts of the press with a weight of approximately 260t are being cast in Krefeld at present. The transportation will be realised in summer 2012 due to the adverse weather conditions possibly occurring during the Russian winter. Commissioning of the closed-die forging press is scheduled for the beginning of 2013.

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