Robo Worm

A robot with life saving skills.

showimage Robo Worm


Berlin, June 1st, 2015. EMAMIDESIGN presents Robo Worm. A robot which could help saving lifes.

Robo Worm mirrors the movements of a caterpillar. The motions of the circular muscles are simulated through the controlled magnetization of metal rings integrated into a silicone tube.

Robo Worm has two heads, one at each end, making it possible to move backwards without having to flip over. This principle enables backwards movement even in very tight shafts. Robo Worm is equipped with cameras and additional sensors, for example a microphone, to make recordings possible even in hard-to-reach areas. The recordings can be sent to a receiving station immediately or stored in the device for later extraction.

Due to its functions and its movements, Robo Worm is able to search for people who got submerged during an earthquake or a mining disaster. Robo worm can deliver the scene of the accident wireless to a receiving station.

Summarized advantages:
– Enables to move on rough and uneven surfaces found in canals and tunnels (e.g. earthquake areas)
– Two heads, one at each end, equipped with cameras and additional sensors (e.g. microphone)
– Possible to move backwards without having to flip over
– Wireless data transmission

EMAMIDESIGN has been internationally awarded 69 times for its product concepts and innovations. Industrial design is becoming ever more important in people”s purchasing decisions. A brand can only be successful once it has achieved the right blend of aesthetics, functionality, innovation, and cost-effectiveness.

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