Privatimus´ information platform and themed homepage goes online

HAMBURG – Privatimus, a German security consultancy specialising in strategic protection concepts and protection strategies for NGOs, family offices, asset management and their wealthy private clients as well as corporate clients, is launching a new thematic and information platform.

Zeeshan_Nasir_Sven_Leidel_800-150x150 Privatimus´ information platform and themed homepage goes online
Zeeshan Nasir und Sven Leidel, Partners at Privatimus GmbH

“The process of applicant pre-employment screening and background checks is still in its infancy in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.” Sven Leidel, Partner and Head of Intelligence at Privatimus GmbH, explains. “Statistically speaking, it is estimated by the faculty and PES experts that almost half of all applicant CVs show inconsistencies or are fabricated in some way. Background checks for candidates from non-European countries is also increasing, which can pose a real challenge especially for German SME’s with a limited international orientation and network,” says Zeeshan Nasir, also a partner of Privatimus GmbH and Head of Operations.

“Procedures for applicant verification in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are very different from those in the USA, for example. Post-employment screenings are not feasible in accordance with the law, and certain checks are simply taboo due to strict data protection regulations and personal rights,” adds Sven Leidel.

The new portal of Privatimus GmbH closes the information gap for non-experts as well as those responsible for Corporate Security, HR and Management who engage in pre-employment screening on an occasional or regular basis, depending on the requirements of their clients.

Answers to questions such as: What is allowed? What is not allowed? Where are the limits? How far can a pre-employment check go? How does a Best Practice look like? -and more, are provided on

About Privatimus GmbH

We are a company with integrity and extensive expertise. Since 1993, our experts have been concentrating on servicing an exclusive clientele. With our worldwide network of experts, we support our customers nationally and internationally. In this way, we ensure that the best possible support is provided across national and cultural borders and that the business interests as well as the highly personal private interests of our customers are protected.

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