New TeamDrive File Sharing Service from Protacon

With TeamDrive, Protacon offers a modern and easy-to-use alternative for a company-owned file server

Local hosted TeamDrive file sharing services for finnisch customers available

The Finnish IT house Protacon has introduced a domestic file sharing service. The TeamDrive software makes it possible for working teams or external partners to save and share files easily and securely from any computer.

„The TeamDrive software is a practical and safe solution for transferring files, even big ones. We offer the ease of use common for consumer services with the quality and safety level required in corporate use,“ says Olli Porkholm, the Managing Director of Protacon Solutions.

TeamDrive is a cloud service in which files are saved on a domestic high-security level server. The file transfer between the personal computer and the remote server is encrypted as well, so the solution is considerably safer than, for example, non-encrypted e-mails.

The software also improves file management because it maintains version history. A deleted file can be recovered and TeamDrive can be used for making back-up copies of chosen files.

The operation of TeamDrive is based on Spaces, folders which are created on the personal computer. The contents of Spaces are synchronized between the personal computer and the server. A Space serves as a common working space for teams, offering always up-to-date contents for all team members. A separate Space can be created for personal files.

„TeamDrive is a modern alternative for a traditional company-owned file server,“ Porkholm says.

TeamDrive is based on technology developed by the German company TeamDrive Systems GmbH. COO Detlef Schmuck, one of TeamDrive founders, explains that safety and the protection of privacy were the starting points for the software development.

„In Europe the focus lies on safety. Especially companies think twice before transferring their own files to cloud services,“ states Schmuck.

TeamDrive can be quickly deployed even in big organizations. The software works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. By the end of the year the software will also be available for the Apple iOS mobile device system and Android.

There are over 100 000 TeamDrive users in Europe and the number in growing rapidly.

„The local TeamDrive service is always offered by a local partner, which means that the files are never transferred outside the country borders,“ Schmuk stresses.

The free trial version of TeamDrive offers one gigabyte of secured storage, TeamDrive Professional makes the server space fivefold with a monthly fee of 9,90 Euros. Different kinds of service packages and customer-specific server solutions are available for more demanding corporate use.

For more information please contact:

Olli Porkholm
Managing Director, Protacon Solutions Oy
+358 40 728 5534

Detlef Schmuck
COO & co-founder, TeamDrive Systems GmbH
+49 170 247 60 66

TeamDrive Systems develops and markets collaboration and synchronization software for an easy and secure collaboration over the Internet.

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