Learn the skills you need to manage Intercultural project management

showimage Learn the skills you need to manage  Intercultural project management

Managing projects internationally requires a sound understanding of leadership skills, project management and intercultural differences.

Assist International HR can help you to learn how intercultural differences have a lasting effect on project working styles. You will gain an understanding of the skills you need when managing across cultures and will increase your awareness of the project management tools necessary to give you a competitive advantage.

Managing international projects throughout the project life cycle Leadership styles in different cultural value systems – Managing teams across cultures – From Cost Estimation to Risk Analysis: Effective tools for cross-cultural projects – Goal-setting, communication and feedback strategies in an international context – Successful cross-cultural employee motivation

Assist International HR offers soft skills training in several different languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish or German language – whichever you prefer!

More information: http://www.international-hr.de

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