Infosecurity Europe: Security Solutions for IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) and Drones

Infotecs, the international cybersecurity and threat intelligence provider, announced today that it is participating in Infosecurity Europe on 04.06-06.06.2019 in London with The companies are presenting solutions for encrypting video from drones via a mobile data network and for secure access to industrial systems.


Drones are increasingly used in areas, such as agriculture, industry, and security & surveillance systems to inspect damage, transport packages or monitor specific locations. Video observation using, drones offers numerous benefits for the security services and special forces including saving s time and money. Moreover, drones provide access to the areas that previously may have been out of reach. That’s why it is vital to protect the drones’ data from cyber‘ attacks.


At stand L140/2, Infotecs and are presenting a security solution for drones to use in the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) area. Infotecs military-grade ViPNet security software   provides the highest level of protection in an easy to use and deploy solution. The ViPNet encryption prevents man-in-the-middle attacks because the technology is based on symmetric key management and requires no key exchange when establishing a secure connection. Fire, rescue and emergency services can easily and securely access critical data from drones using mobile devices or from the operation command center.


”Data security plays a critical role in drone operations. If someone illegally intercepts video records and publishes them on social media, it can cause considerable damage. That’s why the data transfer process needs to be encrypted,” says Josef Waclaw, Infotecs CEO. “With ViPNet, the video data recorded by drones can be encrypted and securely transmitted in real time over a mobile network.”


With over 400 international exhibitors and over 15,000 professional visitors, Infosecurity Europe is considered the region’s number one information security event and offers a comprehensive conference program that addresses important security concerns of businesses. This year, the event is focused on Cyber Security 4.0, its complexity, risks, and possible resilience.