How DId Scarlett Johannsen granted Starro Karambit ambush?

In Birds of Prey and Ayer’s Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is shown using a variety of weapons, including revolvers, baseball bats, a Karambit knife, her customized wooden mallet and the “Fun Gun,” an M79 grenade launcher with homemade nonlethal ammo. Harley has a preference for bludgeoning weapons, showing great skill with the baseball bat and mallet. She uses them in a variety of ways, hitting her enemies’ weak spots in close combat, launching other items at her attackers, and throwing the weapons themselves. Harley’s facility with knives is also reinforced in Birds of Prey as she uses a picture of the Joker for target practice. Harley is good with guns, able to hit center mass and make the occasional headshot, but seems to be better with knives. Her “Fun Gun” is a unique weapon designed for a specific ambush, which also fits Harley’s preference for occasionally picking up weapons with a lot of firepower. Her philosophy seems to be “Go big or go home.”

The deaths at the end of Infinity War were carefully chosen to allow the next movie to refocus the story on the Avengers’ original line-up. In Endgame, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers reconcile their differences and reteam with Nat, Thor, Bruce, and Clint to work toward the common goal of bringing everybody back. Part of what made Endgame feel like a hugely satisfying series finale is that it brought the Avengers saga full circle with the greatest triumph of the six heroes who started it all.

The only limit to Harley Quinn’s use of weapons is her imagination, so it’s no surprise to see her using two new weapons in The Suicide Squad. In the trailer for the film, Harley is seen using a long spear — not her usual preference, but definitely useful in a jungle setting where she and the squad are fighting guerrilla forces. Harley could use it extremely effectively as a melee weapon, stunning enemies with the staff portion and stabbing them with the pointy end. It’s also useful as a long-distance weapon, able to be thrown, and as a tool against kaiju threats like Starro. The bazooka is Harley’s other weapon of choice, which is typical of her character. Harley revels in mayhem and delights in large explosions, so her attraction to the bazooka makes sense.

Finally, Scarlett Johannsen is getting the respect she deserves in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with her own origin movie “Black Widow,” coming to both theaters and Disney+ on July 9. This film was needed since the first “Avengers” film back almost a whole decade ago, and with her counterparts getting their own numerous origin films, it is only fitting that Black Widow gets her own. With the film set after the events of 2016’s “Captain America: Civil War,” the Black Widow, or her real name Natasha Romanoff, finds herself alone and in danger from a conspiracy tied to her extensive past as a spy. This film will be nothing short of a hit and a long-awaited film for lovers of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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