Five things you should know before sending a press release to a journalist

To be heard by editors, good press relations require a systematic approach. bloodsugarmagic gives some advice to create a solid base for a successful cooperation.

showimage Five things you should know before sending a press release to a journalist

bloodsugarmagic names five things you should have in mind before distributing IT press releases

Villingen-Schwenningen (D), May 4th 2015 – bloodsugarmagic, the specialist for strategic marketing, positioning and press relations in IT, provides advice on how press releases are successfully picked up by the IT press. Good press relations rely on the creation of a mutually fruitful relationship with editors and journalists of the IT press. The best way NOT to be heard is to somehow compose an e-mail-distribution list and happily spam the editorial offices with press releases.

bloodsugarmagic with its long-standing experience recommends to answer five questions before sending a new press release to an editorial office.

How newsworthy is the message?

Not every message that seems important from a company”s point of view is also interesting as a press release for specialist publications. If it”s just an event note, the examination of a topic or the mention of a new customer, the message might not be interesting enough for a lot of specialized publications. Should that be the case, the alternative to a classic press release for editorial offices might be a news release, published directly online via diverse news portals.

Does the content of the message fit?

In general, though topics in IT are complex and show a broad variety, they can be assigned to concrete keywords. Software, hardware, development, operation, infrastructure and use cases: a good press release can always be assigned well to this topic range. Usually IT magazines and sites also follow a certain strategy of topics. It doesn”t make much sense to send a PR message about a new application solution to a magazine that”s mainly discussing topics of infrastructure. Just as little is a product announcement for a new security product interesting for a magazine specialized on IT strategy.

Does the message fit for the target group?

There are several specialized IT magazines for IT provider and customers, for small or medium-sized enterprises and groups. Some magazines focus on a certain industry, others on a certain application platform. Some publications address administrators, others IT manager. Before sending a message, it is important to check whether the target group of the publication might be interested in reading it.

Does the message fit into the scheme of the editorial office?

Some publications don”t accept product notes, others don”t use notes about the acquisition of a new client. Some editorial offices expect picture material, others always set up graphics themselves. Are the press releases expected to be sent to one central e-mail address or directly to a certain editor? If the latter is the case, the message should fit to the special field of the journalist.

Is the company known to the editorial office?

Before individual editors or central addresses of an editorial office are used for a press mailing list, there should be a personal contact. With a call you can inquire main topics, target groups and personal interests of editors. At the same time the own company can be presented and upcoming messages put in the right light.

“By following these five points you will publish press releases with much more success. A selective mailing of press releases to the right addresses is highly appreciated by the already overburdened editorial offices”, says Bernd Hoeck, expert in IT PR and managing partner of bloodsugarmagic. “Who broadly spams its content all over the place, quickly loses its reputation in the editorial offices. We are happy to help IT companies with their press relations. We offer a full service approach for PR from ghostwriting to publication and all our services are charged on a performance basis.”

bloodsugarmagic follows an integrated approach in public relations with a combination of classical PR and new methods like newsjacking and online PR. Highly specialized on IT public relations our editorial staff combines profound IT know-how with experienced writing. With just a few bullet points or slides we are able to do some background research and to write gripping articles. This way we considerably reduce the workload of our customers and ensure a continuous production of content. This content can be used not only for press relations but also for the company”s website or other marketing instruments.

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