Extremely articulated: QuickClick 32°

showimage Extremely articulated: QuickClick 32°

Perfect floor care, no noise: QuickClick 32°

Chairs with diagonal metal legs with a steep angle of inclination are up-to-date, but it is problematical to move them – they stutter, vibrate, can damage the flooring and moreover cause extremely disturbing noise. Jointed glides can be helpful, but usual on the market are only varieties for angles of inclination from 18° up to maximum 22°, which are too little for this kind of chairs. Thus chair manufacturers make demands of a functional- aesthetic glide solution even for chair legs with a steep angle of inclination. The German manufacturer of glide solutions, Wagner System, took up the topic and has developed an effective glide solution with an angle of inclination of up to 32°: the QuickClick 32°.

The QuickClick 32° offers added value and goes beyond any kind of standard solution: in addition to its extreme angle of inclination it enables a gently, almost soundless gliding, makes chairs flexibly applicable on any kind of flooring thanks to reversible slide inserts and is extremely maintenance-friendly – this is an important aspect especially within the object sector. The new QuickClick 32° is available optionally as a rib variety or, in the premium design, as a noise and vibrations damping Silencer-variety. It is quick and easy to assemble: press in a noise and vibrations damping absorber into the chair leg tube and complete it with a fitting joint base. This enables the use of the QuickClick 32° on any kind of flooring, thanks to a reversible Duo slide insert. It”s because one side of the Duo slide insert is made of highly abrasion-resistant natural felt for floor-protecting gliding on all smooth surfaces, the other side consists of a special plastic material with the best gliding properties on all smooth surfaces – the customer has the choice. In case of a floor exchange, e. g. from carpet to parquet, the Duo insert can be simply clicked out, turned and clicked in again – and you’re ready to go! Worn inserts can be exchanged within seconds, too – with just a “click”.

Design: Roland Wagner
Manufacturer: Wagner System GmbH, www.wagner-system.de

Wagner was founded in 1977 by Heidi and Roland Wagner with (almost) nothing but a clever idea to begin with. Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality furniture components in Europe. And a family business whose capital lies foremost in innovative thinking and fast action. Our portfolio includes furniture accessories which fulfil criteria such as autonomy, flexibility and sustainability in processing and use. And this exactly where people want to feel secure and comfortable – at home.

Our maxim “affordable design for everyone” stands for the development and manufacture of well designed, affordable everyday products. We do this at both our sites in Lahr / Black Forest. Under the “WAGNER” umbrella brand we support and supply customers with very varied requirements: furniture, appliance and product manufacturers, architects, designers and store builders, DIY stores, specialist retailers and garden centres, consumer markets, wholesalers and mail order companies.

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