Excellent design is not a product of chance: Five design awards in succession

showimage Excellent design is not a product of chance: Five design awards in succession

The “Menhir” washbasin of the Palomba Collection 2012 from Laufen was honoured with the Good Design Award 2012 for its unconventional, organic design concept.

Since good design has become an important criterion in the bathroom, design awards for bathroom fittings have also gained in significance – for, like a quality seal, they indicate user-friendly and excellent design to the consumer. The Swiss bathroom specialist, Laufen, is delighted that it can start off 2013 with several of the most coveted awards.

Laufen has successfully positioned itself for the ISH year 2013 with an iF Product Design Award 2013, an Interior Innovation Award 2013, a Good Design Award 2012 and a Best of Year Award of the Interior Design magazine for the Palomba Collection 2012 as well as a special mention of the German Design Award 2013 for the bathroom collection, Living Square. “Excellent design is not a product of chance,” says Marc Viardot, Director Marketing and Products at Laufen, “but the result of in-depth research, a daring concept and a level of high innovation.”

With the award-winning designs, Laufen co-operated with the Italian star designers, Ludovica and Roberto Palomba (Palomba Collection) and the Stuttgart designer, Andreas Dimitriadis (Living Square). “The Palomba husband and wife team and Andreas Dimitriadis not only have extremely strong concepts and daring designs,” Mr Viardot continues, “but they also know and understand the Laufen brand.” Laufen’s task was to transform the aesthetically and technically challenging designs into high-quality products for the bathroom. In doing so, the Swiss company relies on its great experience and the master craftsmanship of its employees, Mr Viardot explains.

This view was also shared by the top-notch jury of the iF Awards, which described the Palomba Collection 2012 as having excellent quality of design and workmanship and, at the same time, high practical use, therefore conferring the iF Product Design Award 2013 on the collection. The elegance and functionality of the wash-place also impressed the jury members of the prestigious Interior Innovation Award, conferred by the imm cologne and the German Design Council, which chose it as the “Winner 2013” in the bathroom category.

The unconventional design concept of the “Menhir” washbasin from the Palomba Collection 2012 also impressed the high-calibre jury of the Good Design Award 2012, which is conferred by the Chicago Athenaeum: it honoured above all the combination of free-and-easy design language and high functionality. “Menhir”, which means “tall stone” in Breton, is a floor-standing ceramic washbasin, which is available with our without wall connection. Its smooth contours are reminiscent of a rock formed and polished by the tide, its bowl organically morphing into the washbasin surface.

Furthermore, the extraordinary bathtub of the Palomba Collection also received an award: it attracted the attention of the readers of the New York Interior Design Magazine, who are mainly architects and interior designers. The trade public voted the elegant bathtub into the final round of the Best of Year Award 2012, where it was then chosen as the winner of the category, bath fixtures, by a jury comprising renowned architects and designers. A total of 660 entries were received for the online voting in which over 26,000 visitors participated.

In the case of the bathroom collection Living Square, honoured with a special mention, the jury of the German Design Council emphasised the high level of innovation of the washbasin collection which goes beyond the usual categories. Moreover, the jury members appreciated above all the outstanding design quality, brand value, functionality, ergonomics and ecological compatibility of the washbasins, which give them a high practical value in everyday life. In addition to Living Square, the Palace Collection as well as the surface finish LCC (Laufen Clean Coat) of the Swiss bathroom brand were also nominated for the coveted Award.

iF Product Design Award
Since it was established in 1953, the iF Award has been a constant, renowned label for “excellent” design. The iF Awards are conferred every year by the iF International Forum Design in six competitions. The 2013 winners were chosen by the 49-strong jury from a total of 4,352 international entries.

Interior Innovation Award 2013
imm cologne and the German Design Council have been conferring the Interior Innovation Award since 2002. It is regarded as one of the most renowned design prizes of the furniture industry worldwide. imm cologne is the patron and the German Design Council is responsible for the organisation. The Interior Innovation Award stands for top innovative achievements in all product sectors of the industry, and the awards Selection, Winner and Best of Best are conferred. Out of the group of winners, 15 products selected in a second jury round at the imm cologne also receive the label “Best of Best”.

Good Design Award 2012
The Good Design Award is one of the oldest design awards in the world and for over 60 years has been honouring outstanding products from the sectors of industrial, product and graphic design. It is conferred by the Chicago Athenaeum, the Museum of Architecture and Design together with the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies (Dublin/Athens).

Best of Year Award
The Best of the Year Award has been conferred by the Interior Design Magazine (New York) since 2005. The coveted award honours high-quality products and interior design projects in more than 50 categories. After an online vote, the winners are chosen from the group of finalists by a jury comprising leading architects and interior designers.

German Design Award
The German Design Award is the international premium award of the German Design Council and is intended to reflect the diversity of design in all sectors of everyday life. The top-notch jury consists of design experts from different disciplines and selects products and services in 10 competition categories.


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