dotSaarland GmbH Applies for .SAARLAND – The Domain Extension for the Federal State Saarland

The dotSaarland GmbH today successfully completed the application for the top level domain (TLD) .SAARLAND with ICANN (Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers). ICANN will evaluate the application along all others during the next 4 to 8 months. The initial evaluations will start on July 12, 2012. In addition to the dotSaarland GmbH, more than 1200 entities submitted their applications for one or more new TLDs. With a batching process starting on June 8, 2012, ICANN will determine which TLD applications are reviewed first.

With web sites such as online content may be tailored exactly to the Saarland region and the Saarland people. Regional offers will be easily found and can be placed precisely. As members of the non-profit dotSaarland Association, the federal state Saarland, the Saarland Chamber of Commerce (IHK) and the Chamber of Crafts (HWK Saarland) support the project for a Saarland domain extension. The delegation of .SAARLAND to the dotSaarland GmbH will take place earliest in winter 2012. In this case, it will be possible to pre-register and register .SAARLAND domains with accredited registrars as of spring 2013.

„We hope to launch .SAARLAND in the course of the next year. As a geographic TLD, which is fully supported by the federal state of Saarland, we expect an unobstructed evaluation by ICANN“, explains Alexander Siffrin, CEO of dotSAARLAND GmbH.

The date for the examination of the .SAARLAND application by ICANN will depend on the digital archery called batching procedure for new TLDs. Presumably around 2000 applications were submitted until today, therefore ICANN plans to review them in batches, the first batch being the largest with 500 and each subsequent containing 400 applications.

Digital archery means, that each applicant uses an online system to choose a date and time in the future, for example June 15, 2012, 8 am. The applicant logs in and clicks the submit button as accurately as possible. The closer the click is to the preselected time, the sooner will the application be reviewed. To ensure a fair process, ICANN distinguishes five geographical regions: Europe, Asia/Australia/Pacific, Latin America/Caribbean, Africa and North America respectively.

The dotSaarland GmbH ( will be the registry for .SAARLAND domains. After applying successfully at ICANN, will organize and manage .SAARLAND domain registrations in accordance with the ICANN regulations. The dotSaarland GmbH is member of the non-profit dotSaarland Association and supports its activities. The statute of dotSaarland GmbH guarantees the establishment of an advisory council to the Association. The advisory council allows social and economic institutions of the Saarland to participate in the design and development of the TLD .SAARLAND – in the interest of all users.

Further information about the dotSaarland GmbH and the domain extension .SAARLAND are found at

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