Continuous Color Measurement of Multicolor Surfaces

showimage Continuous Color Measurement of Multicolor Surfaces

colorStriker offers the continuous color measurement of multicolor surfaces like wood

It’s Mathai with colorStriker Revolutionizes the Color Surface Measurement of Polychrome Surfaces

It’s Mathai – international innovation and technology leader in the field of color display – upgrades their colorStriker software with the feature of continuous color measurement of multi-colored surfaces. The enhancement of color surface measurement is particularly suited for the measurement of surfaces with color gradients or strong structures, for example wood, marble and cloth. Instead of creating the average from multiple elaborate single color measurements, colorStriker takes many hundred measurements in the shortest time and combines them. With these methods it is possible for the first time to do colorimetric assessments of wood surfaces. “The new function was created in cooperation with BMW AG,” explained Philip Beckmann, New Business Development Manager of Eduard Mathai GmbH. “With the new colorStriker software, the precise color identification over the entire surface is possible. As such, sample plates can be scanned and compared with each other. Thanks to continuous color measurement, the color data are recorded in milliseconds and from the result an average value is created.”

Color Surface Measurements Made Easy

In particular for color comparisons of large surfaces, the color measurement offers major advantages in contrast to point measurements, as many measurement results may be compared with each other. The colorStriker measurement area it is much bigger than the measurement areas of comparable color measurement devices. The result reflects the colors of the complete color surface, such as a timber panel. In addition to the software, a cost effective tool is provided to depict color differences to customers. Colors can also be easily documented. The complementary quality management module allows easy installation of a reference database, including installation of files for individual systems, recording as reference, min and max display as well as own reference databases for projects and customers.

It’s Mathai worldwide
It’s Mathai is amongst the international innovation and technology leaders in the field of color display. Mathai’s clients include many major cosmetics manufacturers worldwide, who have utilized Mathai solutions for years in the development and marketing of their products. The headquarters of the Mathai Group, founded in 1948, is at EXPO-Park in the Lower Saxon regional capitol Hannover. Additional branches of the Group are in Japan, Brazil, Columbia, USA and China.

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