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I spoke to some of the other superstars and told them the same thing that I’m thinking, my theory that you don’t usually get to see, you know somebody like, I don’t know, having a personal moment and letting go. When you win a championship, there’s a crowd there. They go crazy. You’re emotional, you feed off the crowd. Maybe you go into the crowd, you see your family. You go in the back in gorilla, everyone’s there clapping. You celebrate…

It’s not till you get back to the hotel. You go into your hotel room, you’re by yourself or you’re with your significant other, you close the door and you’re alone and you look at that championship… That’s when you finally just let the real emotion come in. Everyone’s going to get to see that very personal moment that usually happens in a hotel room, if I’m able to pull it off.

Many Bay Area residents only had a few days to catch “I Still Believe” in movie theaters before the shelter-in-place order went into effect in mid-March and shut down all the cinemas.

Fortunately, the movie is now available through most major on-demand streaming services, such as Amazon Prime and Redbox On Demand.

That’s good news, since “I Still Believe” is exactly the type of inspirational and uplifting film so many people could use during these dark days of the coronavirus pandemic.

The movie stars KJ Apa — aka “Archie” from the CW Television Network’s popular “Riverdale” — as the lead in this real-life story of Christian music singer-songwriter Jeremy Camp.

Camp has long been one of the genre’s biggest stars, having notched nearly 40 No. 1 radio hits, won multiple Dove Awards and scored several gold-selling albums. His best-known songs include “Walk by Faith,” “Take You Back,” “This Man,” “Let It Fade,” “There Will Be a Day,” “The Way” and — the movie’s title track — “I Still Believe.”

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