VMS orders network-wide IT solution from IVU

Multi-tenant fleet management and ticketing for all companies

Berlin/Chemnitz, 12 June 2018 – With a new fleet management and ticketing system from the Berlin-based IVU Traffic Technologies, the Mittelsachsen public transport association VMS will improve its service for its passengers in the future, providing better information more efficiently and more punctually.

In the next few months, IVU will be supplying the IVU.fleet, the multi-client intermodal control system (ITCS), which will be installed within VMS. In future, all transport companies in the VMS network will work with the same technical equipment to monitor the trips of their vehicles and to intervene if necessary. For example, automatic, cross-company connection management will inform drivers and dispatch managers if a prior trip is delayed. The bus will then wait for longer at the stop, ensuring passengers can make their connection.

At the same time, the IVU system will create a consistent data pool for standardised real-time information throughout the network. To achieve this, IVU will equip the approximately 1,000 buses and 100 trams that operate within VMS with the on-board computer IVU.ticket.box and the corresponding software components for driver information. The IVU.ticket software, which also supports cashless payment, will be used for ticket sales on buses. The new IVU.fare background system speeds up and simplifies fare management in the network. The IVU solution integrates CVAG’s existing ITCS and is already fully prepared for the later introduction of e-ticketing within VMS.

“With the overall IVU system, we are taking another step towards the comprehensive integration of public transport in Central Saxony,” said Rebecca Schürer, team leader for data management/transport systems at VMS. “In this way, we are increasing the efficiency of our connections and are able to provide our passengers everywhere with standardised information. Our customers will get an even stronger impression that all services are coming from a single source – no matter which company they are travelling with.” VMS is investing approximately EUR 12 million in the project up to 2020. Of this, the Free State of Saxony is financing approximately 75%. The remaining 25% will be covered by VMS and its affiliates.

“We are absolutely delighted about the VMS order and are proud that a further transport network will be using our integrated solution,” said Leon Struijk, CCO of IVU Traffic Technologies. “This makes the IVU.suite the leading system for multi-client operation control and ticketing systems in Germany.” Most recently, Nahverkehrsservice Sachsen-Anhalt GmbH decided in favour of a state-wide solution from IVU last year.

Press contact:
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Corporate Communications
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