The X-GLOO Event Tent System Debuts on the Dutch Market

showimage The X-GLOO Event Tent System Debuts on the Dutch Market
X-GLOO Creative Event Equipment

Flexible Lightweight Tent Offers New Possibilities for Attractive Event Marketing at the Festivak

Amsterdam, 3 November 2011 – Exposion, the Dutch Sales Representative of the tent manufacturer skywalk, will show off the trendy lightweight X-GLOO Tent System in Rai Amsterdam. On the 16. – 17. November 2011, Exposion presents the inflatable Event- and Promotions tent system from skywalk at Stand 56 : with or without Side Walls, with Window or Entrance Wall Elements, branded with corporate logos or unbranded, the X-GLOO impresses with design, flexibility and functionality.
The tent system can be used in any weather: made from patented Ripstop-Nylon, it is water-repellent and UV-resistant. Thus, the X-GLOO Event Tent is a flexible allrounder for in- and outdoor areas. The unusual aerodynamic igloo tent-form offers plenty of room for marketing shows as well as product and company presentations, whether as trade show booth or trendy promotional tool on tour.
This eyecatcher is available in sizes 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m. The 6x6m variation offers a covered area of 19m². Optionally, the tents can also be expanded with the Tunnel Elements and/or Canopy. With the help of the Tunnel Elements, even different sized X-GLOOs can be combined.
Thanks to years of aircraft experience, the design engineers of the X-GLOO were able to develop a new high-tech material with high tear-resistance, yet still lightweight properties. The largest variant, the 6×6, has a weight of 28 kg, making it easily transportable with the Trolley (included in delivery), and is stable in windspeeds up to 60 km/h. The stability of the lightweight supporting structure of the X-GLOO is achieved by inflating the Matrix with air. The Matrix consists of a stable outer cover and a replaceable inner tube. This two-layer form guarantees the highest product reliability.
The Event-Igloo is distinguished by quick and easy setup: one person can set up the X-GLOO in less than 10 minutes: lay it out – inflate with air – ready! This is possible on any surface: sand, water, snow or asphalt, all no problem for the robust X-GLOO, thanks to the stabilisation system with ballast sacks.
This premium tent is available in diverse standard- as well as any special-colors. Clients can not only choose their company colors for the Tent Walls, but can also individually brand the Roof, Tube, Tunnel Element and Canopy with logos. This is possible through sewn application, screen- or digital-printing: „A high-resolution digital print or classic sewn application makes almost everything possible: transforming the X-GLOO from a pure tent to a sophisticated presentation platform – a premium image-vehicle par excellance“, according to Everhard Uphoff, Head of Sales & Marketing at Skywalk. „Our clients truly appreciate that when it comes to designing your own X-GLOO, the sky is practically the limit!“ This X-GLOO version is called X-PERT. The tent is also available in the color-bound X-ACT module, consisting of a variety of matrix colours with silver Side Elements.
With the newly developed Canopy-Banner, the X-GLOO offers the opportunity to brand the X-ACT module with logos as well. The printable Banner is attached easily to the Canopy with a zipper. For this purpose, the X-GLOO-Canopy is equipped with an additional zipper. Simple handling makes it possible to attach different Banners onto the same X-GLOO tent. This is an attractive and cost-efficient branding opportunity for a neutral X-ACT tent, especially for clients with various partners and sponsors.
An additional accessory within the X-GLOO Tent System is the portable X-RELAX Seating. The X-RELAX offers the same high standards in material, functionality and design and can be set up in the same simple way: inflated with air, the lightweight X-RELAX stool can be designed according to any corporate guidelines.
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Die skywalk GmbH & Co. KG wurde im Jahr 2001 gegründet und ist mittlerweile mit seinen drei Geschäftsbereichen skywalk, FLYSURFER und X-GLOO Trendsetter in den Sparten Gleitschirm, Kitesurfing und Zeltbau. Der Bereich X-GLOO entwickelt und vertreibt das modulare Event Zeltsystem, ein aerodynamisch geformtes, aufblasbares Leichtbauzelt mit Zubehör, das sich bestens als Promotions-, Eventzelt oder innovativer Messestand im In- und Outdoorbereich eignet. Das verwendete Hightechmaterial des Zeltherstellers ist bei jedem Wetter und Untergrund einsetzbar und nach den jeweiligen Corporate Design Richtlinien der Kunden gestaltbar. Der Erfolg des Unternehmens beruht auf der jahrelangen Erfahrung aus der Luftfahrt in Bezug auf Materialauswahl sowie Funktionsdesign. Diverse Patente, Gebrauchsmuster und Auszeichnungen, wie der reddot design award für das X-GLOO, zeugen vom schöpferischen Geist der Firma. Ergebnis eines kontinuierlichen Wachstums ist ein 33-köpfiges Team junger Fachkräfte und ein weltweit erwirtschafteter Umsatz in Millionenhöhe.

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