SAMCONtrol: The world’s first browser-based video management system

showimage SAMCONtrol: The world's first browser-based video management system

Birds eye view and map view in video management system

New software enables network camera management on any terminal, anywhere in the world

SAMCON presents the world’s first purely browser-based video management system. This means there is no need to install additional software or hardware other than a standard web browser in order to operate a video network. This technology signifies the end of artificial limitations for existing video management systems – a common open standard replaces proprietary software. Expensive software updates or complex configurations are replaced by plug & play and simple drag & drop. Video signals can be displayed anywhere in the world, and on any device, whether a PC, Tablet or Smartphone.

SAMCONtrol is the world’s first purely browser-based video management system , which means that you can now configure, administer and operate as many cameras as you want using a unified platform. IP cameras as well as analog video cameras can be connected via video server. SAMCONtrol supports all current IP transmission technologies from Ethernet, DSL, GPRS to UMTS or VPN, ISDN or RDT. This means that SAMCONtrol can not only be used in new video networks but it can also be integrated easily into existing systems.

SAMCONtrol breaks new ground: video signals and camera configurations are stored on a video server. They are then accessed using a normal web browser. That means no additional software is required to create a video network. The first advantage, then, is that there is no need to install additional software – which means savings on the cost of a further single user license.

The second really important advantage is that videos can be retrieved using any device. Whether a PC already connected to the PCS, an explosion-proof laptop in the field or by a service technician accessing the network from the other side of the country using a Tablet or even a Smartphone. Best of all, the video network can also be configured on each terminal. A field technician can quickly and easily click on a particular display – for example to deal with an urgent matter. What this means is that video signals are 100% available anywhere“, says Steffen Seibert, Managing Director of SAMCON.

The Technology
Instead of managing cameras by using software that has to be installed on a PC, all processes are mapped in a conventional web browser. This means visualization of digital camera images can be done using open web technologies such as Java, Flash and HTML scripts. With the help of standardized components such as, for example, a zoom bar, site plans or pre-configured views, individual visualisation pages can be clicked together like an Internet Homepage. This removes the need for costly programming, software updates or releases from camera manufacturers. Only the standard system web browser of the system is required.

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The company SAMCON Prozessleittechnik GmbH was founded in 1992 and is located in Marburg (Hesse), Germany. SAMCON produces camera systems for explosion risk and hazardous areas (94/9/EC ATEX). CCTV applications range from simple system monitoring to fully controllable digital video monitoring systems with voice transmission. The company is specialised in the development, production and sale of devices, software and engineering services in the area of process control engineering. It currently has 10 regular and freelance employees. The general managers of the company are Helmut Seibert and Steffen Seibert. Since 2008, the company has satisfied the requirements for quality management specified by the directive 94/9/EC (ATEX) and produces camera and communication systems for explosion risk areas.

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