Quick access – prudsys RDE notifies customers about top products via display

The new prudsys RDE release is available now with advanced functions. Now high quality recommendations can be generated even for longtail products. New processes also make it possible to have real time product recommendations which are both relevant to the customer and useful for the dealer displayed in high-street shopping as well.

Thanks to a number of added functions and through new and innovative processes and algorithms, the new prudsys RDE Release 3.0 enables even quicker and more networked data analytics in real time along with the implementation of new business cases both online and in retail business.

Extensive further developments for the RDE module
In this way, the latest version of the prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE for short) enables mutual networking of RDE servers and thus parallel learning. Multivariate tests within a very short period of time are also possible using several RDE servers. Further development of the prudsys RDE included adding on to the prudsys RDE | Recommendations module to include numerous online rules and the content of cross-session personalisation has been further improved. When it comes to the prudsys RDE | Pricing module, a comprehensive framework for price rounding strategies was integrated as well as a new and innovative price optimisation process to generate high quality recommendations, even for longtail products.

For the first time, customers will also benefit from a dynamic prognosis
The prudsys RDE | Assortment Planning module also underwent a dramatic function enhancement in the field of dynamic disposition. New processes combine Collaborative Demand Planning and dynamic analyses, enabling not only an adaptation of the predicted demand in real time. And for the first time it is also possible to show a special kind of real time product recommendation using displays and in-store TVs in retail shops. Using a combination of customer relevance, determined by products which are selling considerably better than predicted, and their relevance to the dealer, determined by the expected gross profit, the prudsys RDE generates recommendations that not only speak to the customer but also benefit the dealer.

Live test at EDEKA
The first live tests are currently underway at the EDEKA Soba market in Oelsnitz. This market has successfully tested technological innovations in the field of personalisation in the past.

“The first days have already shown that we did the right thing here. Many customers have made positive comments to me about it. The goal of this multi-month practical test will now be to analyse the positive impact on customer buying patterns” says Jörg Soba from the EDEKA Soba test market.

prudsys AG as the technology leader for intelligent data analytics concentrates among classic Data Mining on the development and integration of high-quality real-time analytics solutions.

The prudsys Realtime Decisioning Engine (prudsys RDE) is a leading service-oriented solution for real-time analytics, forecasts and intelligent recommendations. The modular structure of the prudsys RDE enables the rapid, simple implementation of innovative business scenarios tailored to match the specific requirements of each area of application. The RDE modules can be used as separate, independent units or linked together to build a multi-channel global solution. With IREUS the prudsys AG especially offers for small and medium online shops selected features of the prudsys RDE as a software as a services.

The prudsys products are used world-wide. In Germany alone, approximately 50% of the top twenty mail order businesses such as OTTO, Heine and Baur and countless other Top 100 mail-order specialists (Source: Versandhausberater – Mail-Order Adviser) such as 3 Pagen/3 Suisse, Alba Moda, Douglas, Karstadt, Mexx rely on prudsys solutions.

Founded in 1998, the company, thanks to a constant, intensive research effort, has become the recognised first mover for real-time Data Mining. prudsys AG is the holder of numerous German and international patents. prudsys AG sets the latest data mining standards with its innovative real-time analysis technology and membership of the DMG (Data Mining Group) and OMG (Object Management Group) standards committees.

Furthermore, prudsys AG is the organiser of the world’s biggest data mining competition, the DATA MINING CUP.

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