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Productivity, equipment reliability and workplace safety are directly linked to key performance indicators of blowers and fans. This makes efficient maintenance of machines and equipment extremely important to plant operators. Numerous grease points on blowers and fans must be lubricated regularly at short intervals. Extreme operating conditions and limited labor resources call for reliable and tough lubrication equipment in order to prevent costly machine downtime.
Automatic lubrication systems from perma-tec are successfully being used on blowers and fans worldwide. They are economical, meet technical demands and improve workplace safety.

We offer the largest product range in the area of automatic single-point lubrication. perma automatic lubricators reduce wear rates by providing a continuous supply of fresh lubricant. By ensuring against lubricant starvation or over lubrication and providing a practical method of preventing contaminants, perma automatic lubricators have the potential to prevent more than 50% of premature bearing failures.
perma-tec also offers a variety of greases and oils that are especially suited for specific applications and for use in perma lubrication systems.

The lubrication of fan and blower bearings is often demanding. Most applications cannot be lubricated during operation because it is too dangerous for maintenance personnel. As a consequence, these lubrications points are often neglected which damages bearings and eventually leads to costly machine downtimes. perma lubrication systems minimize the risk of workplace accidents. They reduce the need for frequent manual lubrication runs and can be mounted away from dangerous or hard to access lubrication points.

If you would like to know more about how to reduce maintenance costs, prevent bearing failures and increase workplace safety, please go to our Download center at to get your free copy of our new flyer for „Blowers and Fans“.

Der Name perma-tec steht seit Jahren für innovative und kreative Lösungen in der Schmierstofftechnik. Die vielfach patentierten perma-Produkte sind als Einzel- und Mehrpunktschmiersysteme weltweit in allen Industriezweigen zu finden. perma-tec verfügt als Lösungsanbieter über eine umfassende Produktpalette für verschiedenste Anwendungsgebiete.

In der Herstellung und im Vertrieb von Einzelpunktschmierung ist perma-tec Innovationsführer.
perma-tec ist „Mitglied im Verband Deutscher Sicherheitsingenieure“

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