Multi-channel target group marketing – Target Select combines intelligent unaddressed advertising with social media ads

Target Select, the successful concept for target group-specific household advertising throughout Germany that began in 2010 as a cooperation between marketing specialist Global Group Dialog Solutions AG and the specialist agency for unaddressed media management, prospega GmbH, has been expanded with a Social Media Targeting component. Clients can now address their target group across the media through wide-reaching online and print channels.

The core of the Target Select product is the GLOBAL_Data system by the Global Group, comprising more than 40,000 clusters and based on the GD Consumer Marketing Database portfolio of more than 65 million addresses. This unique database allows detailed leaflet distribution planning to be made for every conceivable target group. Target Select makes it possible to book predefined target group types such as „Family“, „Neo Greens“ or „Financial Targets“, or alternatively to calculate individual target group profiles (scorecards) based on existing customer data. Many German clients in the financial services, energy, utilities and retail sectors have already tested Target Select successfully and used it as an efficient way to acquire new customers.

As part of a consistent product enhancement, Target Select now offers the option to link target group-specific print campaigns to online campaigns on Facebook for the first time. To achieve this, Global Group has developed an allocation logic to harmonise the target group system of Target Select with the group targeting possibilities of Facebook.

„We consciously opted for Facebook as the online component of our multi-channel marketing concept from the outset because it is the largest social network, with 20 million members in Germany alone. However, the usage intensity of registered users and the great opportunities for group targeting as part of campaign planning were also crucial factors in our choice of Facebook,“ says Frank Meier-Gerßler, COO of Global Group.

The combined on/offline campaign implementation by prospega and Global Group offers genuine multi-channel target group marketing and allows specific target groups to be addressed across all channels at regional level. Integration as part of campaign planning in terms of target group, content and timespan guarantees optimal campaign awareness among the relevant core target group.

prospega GmbH is a specialist agency for unaddressed media management and innovative solutions in terms of media planning and the distribution of advertising brochures, leaflets and inserts. From its offices in Bad Kissingen, Cologne and Nüdlingen, it oversees nationwide and European campaigns not only in selective targeting, media planning and client-oriented media buying but also in sustainable quality management. Its second focus is on decades-long expertise in regional leaflet distribution and the delivery and publication of a free weekly newspaper with more than 6,000 employees – comprising local distributors, inspectors, logistical and administrative staff. Individual and clear advice on brochure advertising and optimisation with geomarketing, on the use of eye-catching special forms of print advertising and on cross-media linking with other media complete the service portfolio. 550 million brochures, catalogues,leaflets, magazines and product samples are delivered each year as part of client campaigns overseen by the company.

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