köckritzdörrich Counts on vjoon K4 to Create INFINITI’s International Products and Sales Collateral

showimage köckritzdörrich Counts on vjoon K4 to Create INFINITI's International Products and Sales Collateral

In just six weeks, the agency managed to realize the complex production of the premium automaker“s publications including 19 national versions, 14 languages and 37 contributors

Six weeks is not much time to create the sophisticated product literature for INFINITI, the Japanese car manufacturer Nissan’s premium brand. The German advertising and branding agency köckritzdörrich managed to deliver 19 local versions written in 14 different languages. The scope of this task was enormous, and it still is: INFINITI currently issues around 15,000 copies of the price lists with 20 pages each for its six models. With such a sizable scope, tight schedule, and so many contributors, this project presents an unusually complex challenge. köckritzdörrich counts on vjoon K4 to tame this complexity. Process-oriented and highly automated, the Cross-Media Publishing Platform streamlines the workflow and lightens the workload. köckritzdörrich benefits from its remarkable transparency, as well as the labor-saving convenience of Version 6″s ability to handle so many article and layout variants.

„We could never have realized the price list project for INFINITI on this scale without vjoon K4’s transparent, process-oriented approach,“ says Roland Klass, account director and responsible for managing workflows and production at köckritzdörrich. „vjoon K4 won us over with its user-friendliness, stability, and cost-to-benefit ratio – especially in conjunction with sophisticated multilingual publications and a complex network of contributors. vjoon K4 gives us a smooth, transparent workflow for creating complex publications and helps conserve human resources that can be devoted to other tasks,“ explains Berthold Dörrich, managing director at köckritzdörrich.

Total transparency and easier production at high complexity
The benefits of vjoon K4 in action are impressive: „Flexibility through fast response and absolute transparency: The automated workflows save us so much time. This is the only way our agency could manage a project like this with a team of just four and keep on top of everything, all the time,“ explains Roland Klass. 37 parties were involved in the project. Contributors included the client INFINITI Europe in Switzerland and its product, pricing, and marketing staff, translators across Europe, and the agency“s team of four consultants. köckritzdörrich was tasked to coordinate the entire project. K4 Overview allows köckritzdörrich to control the entire publishing flow via browser and take corrective action any time the agency sees fit. „It“s also important that no change falls through the cracks. With the version history in vjoon K4, we can be very sure that text contents are inserted correctly. This transparency prevents errors,“ declares Berthold Dörrich.

vjoon K4 makes it very easy to handle text and layout variants. Editors may generate any number of text variants for different language versions. Each version is then linked to the respective layout. Meanwhile, graphic artists can work concurrently on variants of a layout, for instance, to accommodate texts of different lengths. This is another tremendous asset when creating INFINITI products. „Working with variants is the only way we can master such great diversity,“ notes Roland Klass.

On the horizon: Tablet editions enabled by vjoon K4 and the integrated Adobe Digital Publishing Suite
Building on this success, köckritzdörrich already has further projects on the drawing board. The agency already produced INFINITI product brochures in twelve languages with the help of vjoon K4. A tablet version is in the works for the latest edition of the brochure. „vjoon K4, with the integrated Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS), provides a turnkey solution for this purpose. We’re getting everything from the same source with vjoon K4. The system affords us many possibilities. The decision to install the Cross-Media Publishing Platform was as good as gold and of great strategic value,“ say Berthold Dörrich and Roland Klass. The tablet project is sure to benefit from practical experience and technical know-how gained since vjoon K4 and Adobe DPS were integrated in the summer of 2010.

To learn more about how the agency has deployed vjoon K4, see the vjoon user story covering köckritzdörrich at http://www.vjoon.com/references/case-studies/.

About köckritzdörrich
An advertising and branding agency founded in 2004, köckritzdörrich leveraged its unique corporate publishing skill-set to plant a footprint in the market. Key accounts now include international clients such as Daimler AG, Dunlop, INFINITI, Lamborghini, and SEAT.
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