Heraeus at Display Taiwan, Taipei, 19-21 June

showimage Heraeus at Display Taiwan, Taipei, 19-21 June

Economic conductive materials for touch screen applications using invisible patterning technology from Clevios(TM) will be announced at the exhibition.

The <a href= " http://clevios.com/en/home/clevios-homepage.aspx „> Heraeus Conductive Polymers Division is pleased to announce it will spotlight highly conductive Clevios(TM) PEDOT:PSS coating layer materials together with optimized etching and masking agents for patterning of touch screens at the <a href= " http://www.displaytaiwan.com „> Display Taiwan exhibition.
Heraeus has, with its development partners, successfully created and demonstrated sample projected capacitive touch screen devices based on its new Clevios(TM) transparent conductive materials portfolio at trade trials and conferences across North America, Europe and Asia. Highly conductive formulations such as <a href= " http://clevios.com/media/webmedia_local/media/datenblaetter/81076127_Clevios_FET_20101217.pdf „> Clevios(TM) F ET (PDF download) with 200 Ohm/sq. resistivity are typically coated on to PET films. Coatings with high levels of uniformity at a thickness of < 1 micron have been produced. These properties meet the demand specifications of today"s touch screen producers.

The invisible patterning process utilizes Heraeus component technologies. A uniform layer of high-conductive Clevios(TM) F ET is first coated on to a substrate, for example a PET-foil. A pattern, using Clevios(TM) SET S – a masking polymer, is then screen printed onto the conductive polymer layer. Clevios(TM) Etch is applied to create the non-conductive areas without altering the layer“s optical properties. After the process is completed, the masking polymer that protected the conductive pattern is removed. The resultant conductive and non-conductive areas on the substrate are sharply defined but not visible.
Emily Shu, Sales Manager for the Heraeus Conductive Polymers Division on the subject of ITO-free touch screens added „The combination of Clevios PEDOT formulations with etching agents generates invisible conductive patterns on plastic films in an economic and reproducible way. This satisfies the design goals of device makers in markets that require very high optical clarity and flexible, substrates, and so provides the touch screen market with a highly innovative technical alternative.“

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