Evolution of crowdsourcing: 12designer foresees a new concept for 2012

Berlin, December 14th 2011: 12designer.com, European design reference for creative
crowdsourcing, ends 2011 with impressive growth figures and expects from 2012 the same
positive path, and an important evolution in creative crowdsourcing current structure.

12designer can“t complain about 2011. In just one year, the Berlin based startup doubled its amount of creatives, received more than 3,000 creative contests and offered them more than 330,000 design submissions. Great numbers that prove that crowdsourcing is not just a trend, but an established industry in 21st Century“s business panorama.

„Crowdsourcing had always a clear aim: to solve a need directly, in an easy and uncomplicated process. And for that, contests have been a great tool, especially in 2011, where we were able to recognize its potential as a global solution for startups, which were able to benefit from this direct structure that allows them to tap into a wide creative diversity at a reasonable price“, analyzed Eva Missling, CEO and founder.

„It“s capital to understand what your customers need, when and how. That“s why we made a special survey among our creatives to explore their motivational reasons -which were not just money, we discovered. And in 2011 we implemented a special contest type, 12premium, where only the best and more experienced creatives shall offer their work, that allows clients to get the best quality results. Understanding what the market needs is really important if you want to provide an accurate solution; and as long as we observe carefully how the crowdsourcing market evolves, we“re now able to see that 2012 will be completely different from 2011“, she assures.

„Curated crowdsourcing“: a new world of new possibilities
Therefore, 2012 will be a year full of challenges for the creative crowdsourcing scene, as Missling states. „After some time, we“re now able to see two different crowdsourcing models: those who offer a quick solution, without any service; and those who put their effort into vetting their crowd, selecting them, which talks about quality, but might not be 100% efficient and direct. At 12designer we strive to offer the best of both worlds: an interactive and direct working method, and a quality-oriented global service“.

This analysis leads Missling to a clear vision: „We can see that the market will be in 2012 more professional: that means, crowdsourcing will be definitely become an hybrid between crowd“s power and the level of service from an agency. In other words: contests are slowly getting paid off. They“re a great starting point to test how helpful an online community could be, but it“s time to move forward towards an hybrid, more quality-oriented model, where quickness and professionalism come together“.

About 12designer
Based in Berlin, Germany, 12designer is leading European creative marketplace where offers and demands of design and communication work meet. Logo, flyer design, naming strategies, slogans, commercial banners, websites or promotional videos: client publishes a project and sets a price, the creatives send their proposals in an open competition and the client buys the one they like the most. Founded by Eva Missling in 2009, 12designer features now creative contests in 5 languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

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