Clevios? at the Lope-C

showimage Clevios? at the Lope-C

New Solvent Based Hole Injection Layer and Organic Solar Cell Materials from Heraeus.
Clevios? advanced conductive polymers highlighted at Lope-C Exhibition in Munich, 19-21 June.

The <a href= " „> Heraeus Conductive Polymers Division is pleased to introduce a solvent based hole-injection layer material for OLED devices and a new special PEDOT:PSS formulation for organic solar cells.

Clevios? HIL 4 will be of special interest for advanced lighting and display producers. Clevios? HIL4 is an economic, solution processable PEDOT based material available for both small molecule and polymer based OLED technologies. This water-free material provides high device efficiency, long lifetimes, excellent smoothing properties and ease-of-use, so allowing ultra-thin and cool lighting and display systems to be produced.

The highly conductive formulation Clevios? F HC Solar is now available for organic solar cell applications. Improved wetting properties, along with conductivity up to 700 S/cm allow printable and flexible ITO-free organic solar cells to be produced. To be used as a transparent electrode, Clevios? F HC Solar is also suitable for use in so called „inverted“ organic solar cells and printing on P3HT. The planarization property of this PEDOT:PSS formulation also reduces the number of shorts in the device.

Dr Armin Sautter, New Technologies Manager at Heraeus said: „Another advancement towards to the introduction of light, economic and easily producible OLEDs has been taken with the introduction of our solvent based Clevios? HIL4. Also, organic solar cells will take a big step forward in their development with „easy to use“ printable materials. Our new conductive Clevios? F HC Solar grade meets this critical requirement.“

We look forward to seeing you at <a href= " „> Lope-C, Messe Munich, booth BO 110.

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