Around the Netherlands with Eric Franklin

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Five Days of Workshops

Learn to move with ease! From 22.02. – 26.02.2012 Swiss movement educator and founder of the Franklin-Method®, Eric Franklin (54), will be touring through the Netherlands, visiting five cities, each for one day and he will offer two workshops per day.

Eric Franklin

Eric Franklin is an renowned expert in imaginative movement education. He is dancer, university lecturer and prolific author. Since 1986 Eric Franklin has been teaching his method, he wrote ten books, which have been translated into ten languages??. For example in the USA he taught his principles of movement for the acrobats of „Cirque du Soleil“ and for dance students at the Juilliard School of Arts in New York. In Europe his teacher-stations were for example the Royal Danish Ballet, the Royal Ballett School in London.


Everybody can learn Franklin-Method®: Franklin-Method® addresses the mind through the use of imagery in all its applications and addresses the body by teaching how it is designed to function. Because the focus is on mental training, Franklin Method ® is gentle, creative, playful and sporty. Using for example the various imaginations stimulates the brain of the practitioner and thus the nervous system. This conducts electrical impulses to the muscle. Unfavorable movement patterns than change into more favorable patterns.

The future of movement

In sports and in everyday life, often the focus is on the outer form of the body, but the danger is, that this carves the body in stone rather than making it flexible: „Just keep your shoulders back, stomach in, chest out!“ does not really make sense. In the Franklin Method the outer form of the movement does not come as a priority – it is secondary to embodying good function. For example the exercise „lift and lower your shoulders and imagine the muscles of the shoulders lengthening and stretching like taffy when you lower your arms“ leads to relaxed shoulders and to an efficient posture, without any strain.

Touring schedule

Eric Franklin visits Rotterdam, Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Groningen and Den Haag. Each workshop in Franklin-Method® lasts three and a half hours, all workshops are Dutch and English spoken, the costs to attend one workshop are EUR 140, a full day costs 230 EUR:

22.02.2012, Rotterdam.

Pelvic Power for Core Integration.
Psoas, activating your inner core, liberating your back.
for information: re-balance pilates studio. Telefon 0031 (0) 70-3639914 entgegen.

23.02.2012, Amsterdam.

Relax your neck, liberate your shoulders.
Fabolous Feet, dynamic balance.
for information: re-balance pilates studio. Telefon 0031 (0) 70-3639914 entgegen.

24.02.2012, Groningen.

Pelvic Power for Core Integration.
Imagery for a flexible, healthy and aligned spine.
for information: Al Nour, Blekerstraat 17, Groningen. Telefon 0031 (0) 620163298.

25.02.2012, Eindhoven.

Fabolous Feet, dynamic balance.
Relax your neck, liberate your shoulders.
for information: Studio Zuid, Marktstraat 7, Eindhoven. Telefon 0031 (0) 65581765.

26.02.2012, Den Haag.

Ribcage and Diaphragm. Liberating your breath and spine.
Balance your Jaw, release your neck.
for information: balance pilates studio Telefon. 0031 (0) 70-3639914.

Das Institut für Franklin-Methode ist international tätig in der Bewegungspädagogik. Neben der Ausbildung zum dipl. Bewegungspädagogen der Franklin-Methode® bieten wir auch zahlreiche Workshops zu verschiedenen Themen rund um die Franklin-Methode® an.

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