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A few days later, their symptoms still hadn’t improved so their doctor recommended that they visit the hospital. Baker said that they were also sent home from the hospital and told to self-quarantine until they felt better.

Meanwhile, Baker’s mother was at home. Though she didn’t have a fever or other worrying symptoms, knowing that her husband was in the hospital was taking a serious toll on her mentally.
“We just thought that was the result of my dad being away from her for the last five days, which was very very very infrequent in their lives together,” Baker said.
Baker said he and his sister would visit their mother a few times a day, sitting outside the garage while their mom sat inside. Then on March 24, they got a call from the hospital. Their father had tested positive for Covid-19 and the doctor said it didn’t look like he would make it.
The call was shattering, Baker said. They didn’t want to upset their mother with the news, and decided to take her to the hospital as a precautionary measure. They wanted to see if she too could be tested, though because she had no fever or other related symptoms, they thought she would be fine.

There are now so few coronavirus cases in China that some days authorities don’t see any local transmission. China has gone from reporting thousands of cases a day in February to one or two a day now. Over the last week, officials with China’s National Health Commission reported just 5 new domestic cases. The total of new cases was higher but almost all of them were imported cases in travelers who’d recently returned from abroad.

China has driven coronavirus transmission down to nearly zero (although there’s some question among international academics about China’s case reporting and whether some cases are being overlooked, it’s generally agreed that they’ve suppressed transmission to a very low level). But some undetected cases are still probably floating around, and the virus can always be brought back in from abroad.

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