Why is it so important for freelancer in the digital age?

TimeStatement-Apple2-Eng-1024x683 Why is it so important for freelancer in the digital age?

In the digital age its important to not lose any time for administrative efforts but to focus the time of your core business.

TimeStatement is going to help you. This Time Tracking solution, which can be run on any internet compatible device, is easy to use for reporting, expense tracking, professional billing and much more. (see below)

Due to its high use ability and structured layout, it is very easy for users to familiarize themselves with TimeStatement and start entering their time.

Here you can find a professional free full version: https://timestatement.com (free of charge)

Our time-tracking service is ideal for small to large companies, as well as for freelancer, who are looking for an intuitive and quick time and task tracking solution.

Through the cloud based implementation of the TimeStatement solution, everything on the web are easy to download and upload anywhere at any time and can be changed or deleted via your phone.

TimeStatement even lets you edit the invoice template with its integrated Word editor, so your invoice design stays the same, but they are generated automatically with a few clicks in many languages.

Thanks to the new technologies, TimeStatement joined to the “Swisscom FinTech January” map: http://fintechnews.ch/fintech/swiss-fintech-startup-map-for-january/24699/

Here is a short video presentation of TimeStatement: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-1-iZ_UYGr4

Detailed Feature information’s:

  • Time tracking:
    • Time / Performance tracking
    • Stop watch function for exact time tracking
    • Overview of tracked entries
  • Expense tracking:
    • Expense tracking
    • Adding of receipt attachments
    • User-defined unit supported
    • Overview of tracked expenses
  • Project management
    • Supported billing types: “Project billing rate”, “Task hourly rate”, “Employee hourly rate”
    • Supports international currencies
    • Supports expense flat-rate
    • Adjustable money or time budget
    • Cloning of project settings for new projects
    • Dedicated members including project leader function (project leaders can see tracked entries of other project members)
  • Invoicing
    • Creating invoices from tracked time / expenses of one or multiple projects
    • Overview table of tracked entries of an invoice (incl. manual adding / removing of entries)
    • Supports invoicing in every language
    • Integrated Word editor for quick editing of an invoice
    • Adjustable Invoice number, PO number, discount, VAT and payment due for an invoice
    • Includes payments tab for managing invoice payments in TimeStatement
    • Supports advance payments
    • PDF export
  • Invoice templates
    • Complete adjustable invoice design by your own wish
    • Extra tags for the invoice can be added
    • Online Word editor included
    • Multilingual
      • Under “Settings” -> “Translations” every desired language can be added to create invoices
    • List of unpaid invoices available
  • Report
    • Dedicated reports for specific user, project, client, own company or who
      • Show all entries of the desired object
    • Great for controlling and validating performed services of a team or project
    • Adjustable time window for report (week, half month, month, quarter, year, all or custom)
    • PDF and CSV export options

  • Backups
    • Backup of your TimeStatement system
    • Option to restore TimeStatement system from a backup
    • Daily auto-backup if changes have been made
    • Download and upload of backups
  • Users
    • Admin role supported (Admins have access to all the settings, projects, invoices etc. normal users only have access to their own timesheet and expense pages nothing more)
    • You can mark registered users as inactive, so they can not login to their TimeStatement
  • Generall informations about TimeStatement

    • TimeStatement has been developed in Baar, Switzerland and is a swiss quality solution
    • All our servers are located in Switzerland, so your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws
    • We are constantly working on improving TimeStatement and adding more features

As an experienced developer team we can offer to make specific developments to make TimeStatement a perfect suited solution for you workflow and needs.