Wholesale,Retailer,SUPPLIERof CenturyPLY/GreenPLYplywood/MDF/FLUSH DOORS in Delhi at low rates- OPSKTIMBER

Every household needs things like plywood and timber for lots of manufacturing purposes. if you want to make wooden floors or frames or install doors buying the right quality of wood is very important to ensure that it lasts long. If you want to buy century plywood best price in Delhi then you can try out OPSK.

The company manufactures timber different products like wood, timber, plywood, laminates, and readymade doors. They are one of the best interior decorators in Delhi with a trusted brand and name.

The shop situated in Delhi gives you the option to best quality local products as well as imported products. The company has been there to help you out since 1968 and has become a very popular and well-trusted name among the people.

They are one of the best veneer dealers in Delhi. When it comes to product quality they sell some of the top quality premium products at highly affordable prices.

The company works both with retail clients and also with designers and engineers for commercial projects.

Have a look at some of the products sold by the company

Their product range is very vast and includes only the best materials. The company sells both Indian and imported products of- wood and timber. It also sells plywood, blockboards, laminates, veneers, readymade doors, wooden flooring materials, shuttering plywood, Adhesives like fevicol solid surface Corian.

For example, if you are looking for Century ply dealers plywood, laminates, flush doors at low prices then trusting OPSK timber might be a very good idea.

Brands you can buy in from OPSK timber

The company sells the best brandscentury ply dealers in India like Century ply, 3A composites, Dupont, E3, Duro, Merino, Pidilite, Greenply, Greenpanel, and Fevicol. Plywood is a material made from strong woods or hardwoods that finds application in our daily life. It is well suited for exterior furniture as well as interiors. Gardens, exteriors or interiors are all decorated with furniture and doors made up of Plywood. It is easily available in all sizes at the Plywood dealer in KotlaMubarakpur.


Selecting the best moisture resistant plywood is beneficial for interior furniture design. It will not only enhance the quality of the furniture but give elegance to your home or office. Visiting a well-known Plywood dealer in Delhi will solve all your purchasing problems



About the company’s vision

OPSK Timber is a veneer dealer in Delhi. The company brings to its clients only the best quality and long-lasting products from well recognized and trusted brands like Centuryply, Pidilite, etc.

The company envisages a futuristic vision selling products that will make your house look modern and beautiful.

The company tells that its customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for them. And so it gives customers quality and options at the same time to choose the best material according to their style and budget.

What services can you expect to get?

The company gives you the option to buy century plywood best price in Delhi. You can either choose to buy only the materials from them or you can ask them to work as your interior designer. The company works with both retail customers and commercial clients such as real estate companies, architects, and engineers bringing customer satisfaction.

The brilliant finish of the end products makes sure that your house or flat is well decorated and new as hell. If you choose them to be your interior designer then you will get customized solutions based on your budget and preference.

Company information

Address- 61, BhishmaPitamah Marg, South Extension, Arjun Nagar, Wazir Nagar, South Extension I, New Delhi, Delhi 110003