VTC221 Truck Scale Receives „Top Rollout“ Recognition by Aggregates Manager

METTLER TOLEDO, the leading global supplier of vehicle weighing systems and services, received the „Top 25 Rollouts of 2010“ recognition by Aggregates Manager for the newly released VTC221 Truck Scale.

The VTC221 is the strongest concrete scale on the market today. It combines a concrete driving surface with a robust orthotropic understructure similar to those used in METTLER TOLEDO’s steel deck truck scales. This composite design draws upon the strengths of both concrete and steel to produce an exceptionally rugged long-lasting structure.

The VTC221 uses the POWERCELL PDX load cell network-a revolutionary new technology that eliminates the typical maintenance, repair costs and downtime related to conventional vehicle scales. More importantly, this new product will help customers in any industry prevent unnecessary and potentially substantial profit losses that may result from the use of analog, digital or hydraulic load cell truck scales.

The new POWERCELL PDX load cell is the first truck scale load cell to feature a network with absolutely no junction boxes; the most common source of scale failure. The new POWERCELL PDX load cell takes reliability to a new level by including predictive diagnostics to keep users continuously informed of their scale’s performance. This includes: automatic notification of weighing errors, overloading, environmental conditions, network health, load cell voltages and enclosure integrity without the need for maintenanceprone external converter boxes.

Each year, the editors of Aggregates Manager award Top Rollout recognition to the products that enrich the aggregates industry with innovation, productivity and/or great supplier competition. The „Top 25 Rollouts of 2010“ will be featured in the December 2010 issue.

For detailed information on the VTC221 Truck Scale, please visit www.mt.com/vehicle.

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