The trick to turning a small wedding into a big one is exquisite and personal


A great way to turn small weddings into big names. If you don’t have the budget for a fancy hotel wedding, and if you have fewer than 100 guests, a small, personalized wedding can be just as satisfying. Here are some tips for turning a small wedding into a big one, creating the perfect wedding of your dreams.

A great way to turn a small wedding into a big one. Wedding props are very important

Wedding props are just a few items like greeting CARDS, invitation CARDS, seat CARDS, sign-in books, ring holders and return gifts. As long as all the props meet the requirements of wedding venues and colors, the wedding will be even better. In small wedding, all print should have relatively uniform design, that is to say, should make complete set, otherwise can make scene appears more disorderly.

Generally speaking, a kind and casual invitation card may be more suitable for a small wedding reception. It shows your intimate relationship with the guests. Meet the card can choose your cartoon head or some simple, generous design; The sign-in book also had better be small and exquisite, in that way can be more consistent with the temperament of the whole wedding party.

2. Create a warm atmosphere

Because the venue is relatively small, you and the guests are close contact, so the interactive program can fully mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm. Getting everyone to raise their glasses and have a group photo taken, everyone to repeat your wedding vows, rhythmical applause, and even a chorus is a good game that requires less space and mobilizes initiative. Turn your wedding into a big Party for friends.

A great way to turn a small wedding into a big one

Don’t feel like the venue is too small for your wedding day. In fact as long as your party enough arrangement of fine enough, no matter how small venues, as long as the emphasis on the details, the same can let the wedding album rich rise, more than you can please a photographer (or invite photography enthusiasts friends), to help you before the party begins shooting some details before you start.

You need to give him a list of all the wedding highlights you think are creative and some of the moments you don’t want to miss to make sure you don’t miss the highlights.

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