The New England Sports Academy Organizes Free Family Fun Day

The New England Sports Academy (NESA) is holding semi-annual event for all the members of the community – Family Fun Day – on October 2, 2011 and local families and their friends are invited.;

Children, along with their parents, will get to enjoy games, participate in family competitions and other fun activities with prizes – all for free.

In keeping with its commitment to providing comprehensive development opportunities to children of all ages and their families, NESA coaches and students will fill this years‘ Family Fun Day with excitement. The event will have family races and competitions, performances and demonstrations, and great opportunities to win fun prizes.

Please visit to learn more about Family Fun Day.

About NESA

The New England Sports Academy is a facility committed to providing children and their families with equal opportunities in the areas of sports, fitness, and overall wellness, irrespective of their economic or social status. Alongside, it also provides parents with a sound support system to enable them to provide their children with a productive upbringing; one that will eventually allow them to develop into successful individuals in the future.

The facility provides training and education in various athletic and academic areas, including many sports like gymnastics and soccer and basketball, martial arts, academic subjects like geography and chess and music, as well as conducting periodic events such as field trips and birthday parties. These activities are focused on the all-round development of children. More detail about company at