Stay Healthy and Rejuvenated With Samui Massage Services

Koh Samui: While on a trip to the famous Koh Samui island you can leave all your worries and stress back home. If you are visiting the place for the first time then you should make a compulsory visit to Carnation, the Koh Samui spa and massage services. The place is located near to nature and those who feel tired and somehow are also stressed can get their stress and health rejuvenated here. There is a lot more that your eyes can meet and you can get them at

Carnation is famous as the best Koh Samui spa centre and it offers a variety of massage and spa services at reasonable rates (mostly less than market). Both tourists and citizens frequently visit this place and get their body and soul relaxed and revitalized with their splendid services. They have a beautiful blend of modern as well as ancient amenities that makes the place perfect for massage and spa. They have the traditional herbs, methods and techniques blended beautifully with modern amenities like massagers and acupuncture and acupressure machines. Carnation is located very near to the Bangkok Samui Hospital, The BBQ Restaurant, and Bangkok Air office. These together make it a prime location and also most travelled one.

The company doesn’t believe in advertisement because they believe is “Our services are strong enough to travel miles through mouth and ears, we believe if our guests are satisfied, happy and rejuvenated, we have done our job.” as told by one of their staffs.

They are famous for providing the best welcome drink of all massage and spa centres across the island. Their private disposable clothing facility that they provide to every customer is also appreciable. Their main aim is to help the tourists enjoy their tour and that without any tension or physical stress, so they charge very negligible. For spa they charge an amount that any other massage centres will charge for a massage service. Not just this they also have special offers and facilities for customers staying a long time at Carnation. People who are not able to come to the place and still are looking forward to enjoying the Koh Samui spa can visit and contact the centre for hotel or home service. An extra charge and clothing facility will be on the host but the service will be the same. A total rejuvenation of body and mind is their guarantee.

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