StarLeaf Huddle verbessert das Konferenzerlebnis und macht jeden Raum zum Knotenpunkt für Zusammenarbeit

The new all-in-one solution from StarLeaf is easy to set up and enables users to collaborate reliably from any small room or meeting room, whether in the office or at home.


Following the announcement of StarLeaf Huddle at ISE 2020, StarLeaf, the global provider of conference room solutions and video conferencing services for businesses, has started shipping StarLeaf Huddle. With StarLeaf Huddle, employees can make the most of their working environments and have the opportunity to quickly and inexpensively transform any small room – whether conference room, remote office or home office – into a hub for collaboration.


StarLeaf Huddle is a complete video conferencing solution designed to provide the best user experience for video conferencing in smaller spaces. Installation and setup of StarLeaf Huddle is effortless. The scope of delivery includes a microphone, a wide-angle camera, a touchscreen and a Pronto Cable USB with optimized cable routing for smaller rooms.


StarLeaf Huddle is one of several new product innovations that StarLeaf will launch in the coming months, including StarLeaf MultiJoin and StarLeaf for Microsoft Teams.


Mark Richer, Chief Executive Officer of StarLeaf, said: “Given the fact that the majority of workers in the UK are currently working remotely, it is critical that we organizations and their employees have secure, reliable and easy-to-use video conferencing solutions deploy to ensure business continuity during this time. StarLeaf Huddle is the ideal solution for the home office and brings users home the first-class audio and video quality they are used to from the office.


At StarLeaf, we firmly believe that collaboration is about enabling employees to work better together regardless of time or location. That is why we are working hard to make our video conference solutions extremely flexible, secure and intuitively simple, whether for a large planned video conference or for a spontaneous call. StarLeaf Huddle shows our commitment to offer organizations a flexible solution that is designed for easy implementation and intuitive use by anyone and at any time. ”