Shoot wedding photos guide summer wedding photos to know

With the development of The Times, wedding photos have become a trend. When is the best season to take wedding photos? We can only say that each season has its advantages and disadvantages. Here’s what you should know about summer wedding photos: help you get the perfect wedding photos.


The thing that should know when taking wedding gauze photograph in summer 1, hot summer, before taking wedding gauze photograph should pay more attention to rest, do not adjust air conditioning temperature too low when morpheus, avoid to produce exhaustion easily when shooting exterior scene, air conditioning temperature is in 23 degrees left and right sides appropriate.

2. The hair style design in outdoor wedding photos is simple and natural, and it is best to design on site.

3. In summer, there will be some mosquitoes in the shooting place of wedding photos of outdoor scenes, so please remember to bring cool oil or wind-oil essence. In this way, if you are bitten by a poisonous mosquito, you can take timely measures to avoid redness and inflammation.

4. In the summer, due to the relatively thin clothing, when shooting wedding photos in the outdoor scene, you may be injured by the thorny weeds or branches, so it is necessary to prepare several band-aids.

Take more drinks to cool off the summer heat, which is the best way to recharge your energy after a grueling day out.

6. If you are afraid of mosquito bites, you can wipe mosqulio repellent on your body in advance.

7, sunblock must be ready, lest after taking wedding gauze photograph become African, nevertheless this thing must ask makeup artist before using, because some used sunblock too oily meeting affects makeup.

8, suggest to have the MM of small electric fan also can take yo, lovely practical.

9. Bring a bag of wet paper towels or wet towels so that you can wipe your sweat at any time during the wedding photo shoot to avoid heat stroke.

10. If the weather is very hot and it has reached over 35 degrees, be sure to bring along some sunstroke drugs such as dragon tiger rendan and huxiang zhengqi water. After all, wedding photos are probably to be taken in the sun. After three or four trips in the sun, people will faint.

11. The outdoor wedding photo shooting time of the seaside had better be after 5:00 PM. At this time, the sea view is the most suitable for wedding photo shooting.