Protect what’s Important to you With a Tonneau Cover

August 27, 2013 – Trucks are so important to some peoples’ lives and businesses. They can move people from home to home, pick up deliveries and take them to their destination, handle large shopping trips for bigger items like furniture etc., act as a form of market stall for on the go sales, and…well…they look damn good!

However, with a set of statistics showing that over half of truck owners will either lose cargo or have items stolen from the back of their trucks whilst parked or stuck in traffic, is truck driving more hassle than it’s worth when a van carries just as much only with doors to protect the contents inside?

But trucks look so much more appealing than vans, and they have no height limit! So what are the options? Buy a truck and put up with potential robbery, or buy a van and have a much smaller impact on passers-by?

What if I told you there was a third option? I know it sounds too good to be true, but the answer to this annoying and almost completely ridiculous debate is so simple, yet extremely effective…the answer is (drum roll, please!)…

A Tonneau cover

A tonneau cover can be made of a variety of materials, ranging from hard plastic to strong metals to soft materials. Their purpose is to cover the back of trucks and stop anyone from being able to see inside or take things out. They are also extremely effective for preventing the weather from blowing items out of your truck and protecting them from rain or snow and the like.

Tonneau covers can be made so that they slide across the storage space, lift up (like a lunch box top) or simply fold back to reveal the inside space.

These simple, yet very efficient covers make driving for both business and pleasure a much safer and more enjoyable experience because you will be able to stop at a set of traffic lights without fretting for the new things you’ve just bought.

Tonneau covers are also available for convertible cars, covering up the unused passenger seat when a driver is out on the road alone. This way, they can carry cargo in the front seat without worrying that everything will blow away when reaching top speeds.

So if you have a truck or convertible that needs protection from thieves and from the elements, invest your money in a Tonneau cover
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