Phillips Energy Provides Advice To Bakken Shale Mineral Rights Owners

January 24, 2013 – People who own mineral rights often don’t have a clear picture of what they are entitled to and how they can benefit from it. Phillips Energy understands this, which is why they make it a point to inform and educate people who are thinking of selling their mineral rights. At present, the company offers assistance to mineral rights owners in different areas in the country, ensuring that individuals owning rights to mineral resources below their properties are given a fair deal.

Bakken Shale Mineral Rights owners will be pleased to know that Phillips Energy has expanded its operations to cover the Bakken Shale region, meaning they can now sell their mineral rights to the company and get a good price for it. In most cases, extracting oil deposits on your own can be quite expensive and very complicated, which is why it would be wiser to either sell or lease your rights to companies that can do it the right way. If you have Bakken Shale Mineral Rights, experts from Phillips Energy recommend that you determine how large an area these rights cover and what type of mineral resources are present in the subsurface of your property.

“There are people who are unaware of the processes involved when selling or leasing their Bakken Shale or Barnett Shale Mineral Rights“, says a Phillips Energy representative, “which is why we want to properly educate them before they make a decision.” This is a smart move on the part of the company, seeing mineral rights owners are often confused as to how they can find ways to profit on their ownership. If you have mineral rights in the Bakken Shale region, it is suggested that you get in touch with Phillips Energy should you decide to sell these rights for a profit. The company ensures that the rights will be valued accordingly based on the quality and quantity of the mineral resources found on the property’s subsurface.

Phillips Energy has been in the mineral and royalty acquisition industry for quite some time, and they take pride in promoting integrity and fair dealings with all their clients. At present, the company has operations in 20 states, dealing with producing and non-producing mineral deposits and providing owners with means to get the most of their ownership. You can get in touch with Phillips Energy by contacting them at 1 888 607 0062 or visiting their website at

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