Peter Parker quits to Ingrith for dark knight after Black Walkers Enemy!

“I’m a little fed up with these movies where there is nothing at stake. People can just come back to life,” says Ronning. “I fought a little for that to really show the stakes and that Queen Ingrith is a bad person. It’s all part of her elaborate plan.”

Ronning said he worked with Disney to find a way to show the flower side of fairy death. “We went many, many rounds on this. You can imagine. They lose their magic, the fairies, and they turn back to nature. So they don’t stop fully existing, but they probably stop having a consciousness.”

The success of the experiment leads to Ingrith inviting the fairies and other magical members of the Moors to the royal wedding and locking them in a church. The fairy-tested airborne killer cloud is then dispersed through a pipe organ. There are fairy casualties before the group manages to escape.

Meanwhile, Aurora and Prince Phillip lead a charge to stop the killing. Peace breaks out like flowers as Ingrith’s dark plans and dark heart are revealed.


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