News of the Day: After a long wait, now tourists can find a Luxury Hotel in Viet Nam

Hanoi, Vietnam: Few years back tourists coming to Hanoi were longing for a Luxurious Five Star Hotel in Ha Noi that is near Old Quarter. But with time Viet Nam has also developed and today when the same tourists come to Viet Nam and desire to book a Luxurious Five Star Hotel in Viet Nam or in Ha Noi we ask them to book the best hotel in Ha Noi which is New Vision Hotel.

The hotel is not near Old Quarter but is located in Old Quarter, very near to the Hoan Kiem Lake, a very beautiful and ancient lake, which is bright and glorious in night light. The hotel allows the tourists to live in the beautiful and ancient city, Old Quarter and enjoy the exquisiteness of ancient monuments along with practicing the age old culture of Ha Noi.

The hotel has 28 rooms which remains full during seasons, so you need to book at least fortnight prior your arrival. Their list of superb facilities are for all customers regardless the room they choose, the list includes free use of internet and international internet call, fully WiFi rooms, daily buffet, computer facility for all, and the list continues. For immediate booking of rooms you can visit and select the best suitable room for you and your company.

With internet booking a hotel in Viet Nam is now very easy compared to the old days when the tourists used to visit the city first and the find a hotel according to their choice of location. We still remember when in 1980s tourists used to flood in and fight for a booking in Hotel Metropole in colonial Hanoi (the only luxury hotel in those days) but now we have better options and better facilities especially in Old Quarter.

Recently tourists have credited the New Vision hotel with the honor of considering it as the best hotel in Hanoi. The hotel also helps the tourists with Visa, travel and money exchange issues. In case you need a cab for your visit the hotel will help you out with their car and van service. The hotel in short has everything that a five star hotel needs to have. Finally tourists can find a Luxurious Five Star Hotel in Old Quarter that too without any travelling or booking troubles.

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