Nearly 80 Billion Dollars Were Spent in 2016 to Fight Cybercrime


Lancaster PA, November 15, 2017 — Cybercrime is becoming an increasingly major issue worldwide. In fact, in 2016 alone there were more than 900 security breaches that resulted in data theft, DDOS attacks and malware infections in the world’s most notable industries. These included business, healthcare, educational and even government. EZComputer Solutions published an infographic revealing how the world was hacked in 2016, showcasing interesting statistics and useful information regarding the rising cost of cybercrime.

This goes show that no one is safe from becoming a target of such attacks, and without a proper focus on impeding the progress of these criminals, their numbers and intensity will only grow.

With a massive percentage of cyberattacks having a direct relation with criminal activity, it should be quite clear that the time for waiting has passed. By 2019, the cost of cybercrime is estimated to be around 2 trillion dollars, and the cost per stolen record is already almost $220 in the United States.

While organizations are beginning to recognize the urgency of protecting themselves against cybercrime – spending nearly 81.6 billion dollars to battle it – there is still much more room for safety and security.

Some of these measures include things like partnership with external or cloud-based service providers. By working with reputable off-site partners, businesses gain more comprehensive security and greatly reduce the risk of losing their crucial business data.

Furthermore, a greater investment in advanced authentication techniques can also provide that extra layer of security against phishing attempts. While this doesn’t completely stop phishers, it can significantly reduce the speed and effectiveness of their progress, ensuring that they don’t have an easy target.

People are always advised to keep stronger passwords; however, this vital piece of information is often ignored by many – resulting in a loss of data, and innumerable risks and attacks.

Finally, a reliable back-up plan should be kept in place, in case of a successful attack. This will allow the company to respond quickly while minimizing downtime and data loss. While the importance of these measures is evident, one cannot ignore the massive costs they incur, which exceeds nearly 80 billion dollars annually.

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