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The Broken Hearts Gallery has received positive reviews, so what’s the possibility of The Broken Hearts Gallery 2? Written and directed by Natalie Krinsky, the 2020 romantic comedy features charming leads and a diverse supporting cast, along with a clever premise. Still, there’s an argument to be made that The Broken Hearts Gallery doesn’t have enough narrative depth to warrant a sequel, as entertaining as the original film may be.

Starring Australian actors Geraldine Viswanathan (Blockers) and Dacre Montgomery (Stranger Things), The Broken Hearts Gallery adheres to romantic comedy tropes from beginning to end. Lucy (Viswanathan), the assistant to a well-known New York City gallerist, struggles with her personal and professional confidence after failing to capitalize on a big work opportunity. The inevitable “meet-cute” happens when Lucy enters the vehicle of Nick (Montgomery), who is mistaken for an Uber driver, and comedically unloads her feelings. After the awkward first meeting, the two Brooklynites bond while discussing Nick’s business venture, the Chloe Hotel, and also while spontaneously creating a new art project called The Broken Hearts Gallery. Both characters are indeed unlucky in love, and they form a stronger connection by curating objects from failed relationships. The Broken Hearts Gallery co-stars Philippa Soo, Molly Gordon, Arturo Castro, Utkarsh Ambudkar, and Bernadette Peters

The Broken Hearts Gallery culminates with friction between the central lovers once Lucy comes face-to-face with Nick’s ex-girlfriend, Chloe (Suki Waterhouse, Assassination Nation). Per the unofficial rules of rom coms, the protagonists work out their differences, and the film even acknowledges the “grand gesture” trope associated with its genre predecessors. Here’s everything we expect from The Broken Hearts Gallery 2.

At Rotten Tomatoes, The Broken Hearts Gallery currently has a 74 percent Tomatometer score and an 85 percent audience score. So, based on that information alone, Krinsky’s film seems to be resonating with fans. Based on a basic eyeball test – objectively assessing the overall value of the film – The Broken Hearts Gallery 2 does seem like a strong possibility. The narrative may follow genre tropes, but that’s to be expected. It’s the diversity that makes the film unique and allows viewers to consider different perspectives. Expect The Broken Hearts Gallery 2 to be greenlit by early 2021 as long as the box office take – reduced by the circumstances around its release – aren’t seen as an impediment.

Part 2 of DC FanDome gave fans a preview of Junkie XL’s Justice League Snyder Cut theme. Tom Holkenborg AKA Junkie XL previously worked alongside Hans Zimmer for Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman. He was then a part of Snyder’s team for Justice League before being replaced by Danny Elfman when Joss Whedon came on board, which was one of the many changes to Snyder’s original vision. Late last year, the push for the Justice League Snyder Cut became even stronger, and Junkie XL even told Screen Rant last October that his original score for Justice League is complete. HBO Max will now be releasing the Snyder Cut as a four-part TV show in 2021, but a preview of Junkie XL’s JL theme is now out.

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