July 30th 2013 : 11:50 am.

Nodiz PRO is the latest in cutting edge programmable Ignition only engine management used for modernising older distributor based ignition systems to gain more power and reliability, as well as allowing modern engines to run without the complication of the factory ECU. NODIZ PRO8 is the eight cylinder version, packed with advanced features including tuning and digital dashboard apps to connect straight to your smart phone. NODIZ PRO8 completes the line up for Wiltshire based ECU manufacturer Motorsport Electronics. “We’ve done a lot of development work and proven our reliability with the four cylinder engines but now with the new PRO8 all cars up to 8 cylinders can benefit from our technology.” commented Technical Director and inventor Matt Thorne.

“It’s a really exciting product, the market’s been looking for a reasonably priced fully mappable Ignition ECU for some time” said Commercial Director Ingram Legge, adding “this is it, I don’t think anything else comes close to the features and quality we have, and at a price that’s affordable. Plus it’s great to look at your phone and see what’s going on with your engine real-time”.

“We just looked at what people didn’t like with other products, like huge boxes, complicated wiring and having to fit things like trigger wheels and second hand EDIS modules and thought, Why’s it so complicated? Why not build it all into one simple unit?” said Matt Thorne. And indeed the NODIZ PRO8 is just the answer, simple to fit and tune with full 16x 16 microprocessor controlled speed & load sites and 3D interpolation, in built coil drivers, a choice of trigger patterns and a host of other features including launch control and programmable outputs for fans and shift lights. Remarkably, the units themselves are also tiny, being roughly the size of a cigarette packet and weighing just 140 grams.

Customers have also been delighted with the NODIZ PRO range, reporting increased power and drivability. A customer recently commented “OMG what a difference – took off like a scalded cat !! Only needed half throttle !!” and that was just with a base map straight out of the box. With the market for classics, retro classics and bike Carburettor conversions ever popular the NODIZ PRO range is ideal for customers wanting to gain power and efficiency from a modern ignition system at an affordable price. NODIZ PRO8 units are available from 1st August direct from company’s website, and a number of other distributors. ENDS

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