Mother Commits Her Life To Safety Awareness After Fatal Safety Seat Error

03, January 2015: Louisiana mom Holly Wagner’s world was shaken up when she lost her 11-month-old child Cameron after an automobile accident. Her discomfort heightened upon finding out that her son had actually been incorrectly fastened in his safety seat. If that mistake had been dealt with, he would have made it through, she told The Huffington Post in a recent e-mail. To spare other moms and dads the loss she experienced, Holly has actually now dedicated her life to sharing her story and informing others about safety seat security. 

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On April 27, 2013, Holly was at work while Rhett, her boyfriend at the time, was watching Cameron and her 3-year-old son Connor. She said… “After taking the boys to be with the family and flying a kite with them at the park, Rhett ran a stop sign and hit another car, on the way back to our house. Rhett made it through with a brain and leg injury, Connor had a damaged arm, but the damage to Cameron’s body was much more extreme.” The crime scene investigator told Holly that Cameron was not buckled correctly. She explained… “Only the chest clip was fastened. Upon impact the chest clip broke triggering Cameron to come out his seat and be expelled from the automobile. The investigator told me that if Cameron would have been rear-facing and buckled appropriately that he would still be here today.” 

Holly said she knew exactly what had to be done however she could not bring herself to allow it. She added… “It wasn’t till they let me hold Cameron one day and I had actually felt his spinal column and hips and tail-bone through his clothes that I realized I was being self-centered. I couldn’t let my boy starve to death so I can have a few more days with him. That was not the route to take. He didn’t deserve to be suffering anymore.” On May 13, 2013, one day after Mommy’s Day, Cameron passed away in his Holly’s arms. She said… “A day I will never forget. Half of my heart went to heaven.” 

Like Holly, Neil Speight, co-director of Freddie and Sebbie is also an excellent advocate to raise awareness about child passenger safety. He stated… “It prevails understanding that safety seat and booster seats aren’t constantly as easy to install as they appear, however a lot of people would be shocked to find out that 3 out of four automobile seats are not set up correctly in the United States, so that’s why raising security awareness is so essential to people like Holly and myself. It is also extremely important to safeguard security seats from over-heating in the sun, which can trigger infants to have terrible burns, so it is also essential for moms and dads to understand the value of covering the security seat with a car seat sunshade while not being used.” 

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