Mobile Makers Academy Released New iOS Apps and Its 2014 Bootcamp Schedule

Chicago, IL, December 20, 2013 – Looking for free apps for your iPhone or iPad?

Apple has uploaded six new apps to its store: an airborne allergy forecaster, a retail app for a socially minded online clothing store, an animated GIF finder, a competitive photo-sharing app and several social-networking apps.

These apps were created by students of Mobile Makers Academy, representing the bootcamp’s latest successes as it celebrated its one-year anniversary in November 2013.

“We continue to be blown away by what the Mobile Makers graduates are accomplishing as iOS developers. Their drive and dedication have led them to land jobs at high-profile tech companies like Amazon’s Quidsi and at funded startups like Spartz Media,” said Brandon Passley, co-founder and CEO of Mobile Makers.

Headquartered in Chicago, Mobile Makers attracts individuals who are eager to start careers as mobile developers. The full-time iOS bootcamp simulates a real work environment with independent and team-based coding rather than tedious lectures. After completion, about 90 percent of job-seeking students receive a job offer within three months.

The most intriguing part of the academy is that students must create a mobile app and submit it to Apple’s iTunes App store, a capstone project for every Mobile Maker. Since the academy’s inception, student teams have created nearly 20 iOS apps. Recent Mobile Maker graduates have created mobile apps such as:

Gesund – an app for travelers with allergies; it tracks the type of allergens in the air at a U.S. destination, provides a 1-day and 5-day pollen forecast, an allergy index, and a search engine for nearby drugstores.

JustMovd – a social networking app that connects people who have recently moved to a new location. Users can explore their city, check in at different venues and find new friends with matched interests.

GIFit2me – an app where users can easily search for animated GIFs, then copy and paste them into email or text messages and social media.

Krowdx – a social networking app that allows people to geo-locate the club or restaurant where they are at that moment, and to post photos about their experiences. Photos can be voted on, giving it a competitive game component and providing organic, real-time reviews of a city’s nightlife. In short, an app where Foursquare meets Instagram.

Remember/Me – a location-based networking app to help users remember people’s names when attending conferences. The app shows the name and photo of other app users within 50 yards of you, and then lets you save that information to help you recall whom you met.

Seer Outfitters – users can quickly browse through select items from Seer Outfitters, an online clothing retailer that uses 100 percent of its profits to support social causes.

“Every lesson at Mobile Makers builds on things we already learned, creating a fast-paced, ongoing level of learning that would be impossible to maintain by myself,” said Kabir Mahal, a recent Mobile Maker alum and the co-developer of the app JustMovd. Mahal is currently an iOS developer at Wislr, a youth media company. “In addition to the iOS-specific learning, Mobile Makers had the perfect environment to nurture team building and collaboration. After I graduated, I felt I had the tools needed to succeed professionally, and I was able to jump into an Agile work team and write quality code within a matter of days.”

In addition to the academy’s latest apps, Mobile Makers released its course schedule and tuition for 2014. To view the entire 2014 iOS Bootcamp schedule and apply to Mobile Makers, visit:

“We’ve spent a lot of time and energy in 2013 refining our program. We just overhauled our curriculum to reflect the exciting changes in iOS 7,” said Don Bora, co-founder and chief facilitator of Mobile Makers. “The soft skills such as communication and Agile practices will be accentuated from day one. We are very excited to deliver the most authentic software developer experience yet.”

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Mobile Makers Academy is an 8-week, full-time iOS bootcamp that simulates a real work environment with independent and team-based coding, guided by expert developers. Unlike other iOS courses, Mobile Makers offers personal, on-site instruction, practice technical interviews, a private job board and resources for alumni to continue enhancing their skills and portfolio. The academy, headquartered in the Midwest, attracts applicants from across the U.S. as well as from Mexico, Canada, Venezuela, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. For more information, visit
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