Mandatory Emirates ID Cards Now Required For All Dubai Residents For Residency Visas And UAE Government Services

Dubai (May 25th 2012). All residents of Dubai must have an Emirates ID card before the deadline of June 1st 2012. If this deadline is missed, residents will face a fine of AED 20 per day that goes beyond the deadline. Since May 2012, Emirates ID cards are required in order to get a new or renewed residency visa in Dubai. The ID card will also be necessary in order to use United Arab Emirates government services.

To obtain an Emirates ID card, Dubai residents must fill out an application form and go to official appointments where their fingerprints and photograph can be taken. If accepted, the applicant can expect to receive their ID card after about 2 to 3 weeks. The ID card will be mailed to the designated P.O. Box as stated on the application form.

According to the CEO of Eagle & Falcon Angelika Sesterheim:

“It is essential that all foreign residents in Dubai get an Emirates ID card since the ID card is now necessary to apply for a new or renewed residency visa, as well as to use UAE government services.”

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