Lean Building – If Not Now, When?

The Lean Construction Journal in a 2009 white paper pegs the proportion of non-value added or wasteful tasks in an average building job at 55% to 65%. The white paper-Creating Worth: A Satisfactory Strategy to Get Rid of Waste in Lean Design and Lean Production goes to say, „Creating worth and just worth is the most effective method to lessen waste in design and building.“


Obviously, the construction industry is badly broken and needs repair. So how exactly does the business rise up and fulfill the challenges of consumer demand for higher quality, improved profitability, as well as the lack of skilled workers? Step one would be to cast aside the not invented here syndrome and adopt a time tested making option -the Toyota Production System-usually called Lean.


Why should construction company supervisors even consider Tend as ways to boost their business? Here are a few eye opening facts about the U.S. construction industry:


60% to 85% of building time is spent waiting or repairing errors

The typical construction worker uses at 40% efficiency

Critical deficits exist in competent and proficient workers

Clients are frustrated with inferior quality, confrontation, excessive change orders, and scheduling delays

All these are a few of the same or similar problems Japanese firms like Toyota confronted in the 1950’s. Skimpy building will help remediate the desperate conditions described previously. While Lean is not any silver bullet, skimpy building offers significant progress to the issues confronting the construction industry. If building firms wish to prosper in the 21st Century then they need to go toward lean thinking.

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