Infographic Informing About Growing Impact Of Tech Usage Among Kids

Toronto, 09 June 2021 — It is estimated that more than two-thirds of parents in the U.S. are of the thought that parenting has become a lot harder than it was 20 years ago. And the majority of them cite technology as one of the biggest reasons. Recently, Little You published an infographic focused on the tech usage among kids and the growing impact these days.

The infographic also showcase the reasons that prevented you taking more actions in supporting arts education as well as the actions have to take to support arts education during the past year. What is more, thanks to the infographic you will find out more about the benefits of digital learning according to U.S. middle school students in blended learning environments as of December 2014.

Little You are reigniting imaginations with a user-friendly design platform that lets children create real-life anime figures.

Studies show creative scores for 5-year-olds are at 98%, and by the time they reach adulthood, they drop to 2%.

At Little You, they believe cultivating creativity at an early age is more critical than ever. Over a year of lockdown has compromised our most vulnerable population’s creative growth, but with Little You, developing imaginative, confident, well-adjusted kids through technology is within reach.

With Little You, children will:

  • Develop social skills and pride from showing their real-life creation to friends and family.
  • Feel represented with over 430 templates that allow them to choose skin color, outfits, facial expressions, eyewear, and more.
  • Feel confident in their ability to do anything.

With an e-commerce functionality, visitors can buy creations from our gallery so kids can explore safe, age-appropriate business development.

About Little You:

Little You is a platform which lets you design, personalize, and create custom characters using the latest in web and 3D printing technology. Visualize your character in 3D and order a custom collectable toy. Idealized and developed by Christina Guo, the idea for Little You came up while she was studying at OCAD University. As an artist and a believer of the importance of creativity and seeing the world through the eyes of a child, the founder of Little You strives to provide countless opportunities for children to acquire social skills while bringing families even closer together. Visit us on FacebookInstagramTwitterYouTube, and Pinterest.

Christina Guo
Sheloo Inc.
Toronto, Canada